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Cuban and US Musicians to Perform Together

2010.12.01 - 18:06:04 / ACN

Havana, Cuba.- Young Cuban and US musicians will get together on December 3, at the theater of the National Museum of Fine Arts to perform the interdisciplinary piece Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time) in homage to Juan Blanco.

The event is the result of an exchange between the Cuban National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music (LNME) founded by Juan Blanco and the American Berklee College of Music in order to promote the relations between different cultures.

The American Berklee College of Music is a prestigious center, founded in Boston in 1945, which takes in students from more than 70 nationalities.

The show, Ensamble Berklee Interarts, includes students from the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), particularly from the Dance and Plastic Arts Faculties.

The American part is represented by artistic director Neil Leonard and students Katie Bilinski (guitar bass), Julia Easterlin (voice and live electronics), John Hull (live audio processing), and Enrico de Trezio (piano).

The Cuban part is represented by professor Sigried Macias, composers Madai Licor and Ariannis Mariño, percussionist Hansel Santos, composer and pianist Andy Rubal, and Josue Borges, double bass player Teddy Fuentes, and Alejandro Gil.

Leonard noted that Cuba has very good trumpet players, pianists and percussionists in the international level. He added that he would like to make music with the style of Nuestro Tiempo, a group of Cuban avant-garde intellectuals and artists founded by the end of the 50’s of the past century.

Cuban professor Macias said this mutual intercultural exchange offers them an opportunity to improve professionally and artistically.

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