Cuban Artists and Writers at Congress

2018-09-12 09:11:59 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Cuban Artists and Writers at Congress

This week concludes the forming process for the organizing commission of the working groups in the Cuban provinces as part of the preparations for the IX Congress of the Writers and Artists Association of Cuba (UNEAC).

The related call for that national event was coincidentally presented in June on the occasion of 57th anniversary of the words said by the commander in chief, Fidel Castro to the intellectuals. This ratified the beliefs that continue marking the work carried out by the creators, artists and professionals of the local cultural sector.

“As part of the Congress’s organizing process which will be carried out in June of the next year, it will be created two working staffs to channel the related debate and the analysis of the main themes that mark the work carried out by artists and intellectuals which mean an important occasion in the preparation of the main event of the Cuban intellectuals. “The first vice president of the UNEAC, Luis Morlote Rivas, pointed out.

Cuban Artists and writers are at the Congress and the heritage, community, public spaces, the mass media, the social networks, the tourism, market, the artistic teaching, as well as the help for the creative young people and the organization’s internal life in terms of its statutes, rules and elections are among the themes proposed for the analysis about the culture’s links with the society.

“This should and have to be a Congress for all the creators and we have to work in order the UNEAC could achieve to be much more inserted into the society. This is the highest challenge we have at present.” He said.

The national working commissions in the aforementioned working organization will be represented by the UNEAC provincial Committees and the Artists Associations.

The creation of the organizing commissions throughout the nation’s provinces began in Guantanamo territory and it will conclude next Friday in the Isla de la Juventud Special municipality.

The IX Congress of the local Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba Association of Writers and Artist of Cuba promotes the strengthening of the dialogue among creators, the cultural institutions and the society.

By Miozotis Fabelo

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