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Cuban Baseball Federation rejects U.S. decision on MLB deal

2019-04-09 11:44:28 / ACN

Cuban Baseball Federation rejects U.S. decision on MLB deal

The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) learned that the United States Government decided to cancel the implementation of the Agreement with the Major League Baseball (MLB) signed 4 months ago.

As we have opportunely denounced, since the announcement of its rubric, Marco Rubio, seconded by the National Security Advisor, John Bolton, demonstrated his intention to revert the referred document, highlights the note published in JIT.

The pressures exerted by these characters were imposed for the moment, although the Agreement, mostly supported by the Cuban and U.S. societies, and identified as a formula to eliminate harmful practices such as human trafficking and its incalculable consequences, is called to overcome the archaic rhetoric used by its detractors.

The FCB denounces the use for political ends of unsustainable arguments that managed to undo the Agreement, received at the time with enthusiasm by our athletes, technicians and fans, who knew that it would open the doors to a safe and orderly insertion in the MLB.

This decision of the Government of the United States responds to its permanent purpose of profiting against the nobility of the Agreement, in defense of political interests, regardless of the well-being and tranquility of the Cuban family.

Leaving the Agreement without effect ignores the scenes of pain experienced by those who were victims of the traffickers and took risks stimulated by those who would now have been left out of any negotiation with MLB.

Once again history shows who are the real responsible for our athletes not being able to perform in that circuit, without the need to renounce their nationality and take risks for their lives.

The note states that the Cuban Baseball Federation ratifies its commitment to the Agreement reached and reiterates that it considers it an essential instrument to preserve the integrity of its athletes in the face of the humiliating and discriminatory treatment of which they have been victims.

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