Cuban doctors in Mozambique disaster zone carry out outstanding work

2019-04-10 09:57:31 /

Cuban doctors in Mozambique disaster zone carry out outstanding work

Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba Minister of Foreign Affairs, highlighted the work of the Cuban medical brigade that is providing aid in Mozambique, one of the nations strongly affected by tropical cyclone Idai last March.

The diplomat said in a tweet that about four thousand patients were treated in the field hospital sent to Mozambique, in its first week of work and described as meritorious the work of Cuban health collaborators from Beira honor and exalt Cuba in this sister African nation.

According to sources from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the presence of internationalists from the Caribbean island responds to the historic Cuban-African solidarity ties and in particular to the catastrophic damages caused by the hurricane, with nearly 500 deaths, according to statistics from the National Institute of Emergency Management, of the government of that Republic.

The 28th brigade of the Henry Reeve Contingent, made up of 16 doctors, 22 graduates and two service workers arrived in the Mozambican capital to provide help in a field hospital donated by Cuba that has consultations, an operating room, a clinical and microbiological laboratory, imaging equipment and 20 hospital beds.

On March 14, tropical cyclone Idai hit Mozambique and left more than 500 dead, nearly two million victims and extensive damage, as well as a complex epidemiological situation that could worsen, and just 10 days later Cuba announced the strengthening of aid to that country where more than 300 medical collaborators were already working.


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