Cuban Farmers Willing to Produce More food

2010.02.08 - 17:45:54 /

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. - The willingness of Cuban farmers to produce more food, is the main approach of more than thousand 400 meetings held to date, as part of the process prior to the Tenth Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).


These meetings are characterized by the enthusiasm of the cooperative and agricultural sector in their aspirations to substantially increase food production, said Rene Martin Perez, a member of the National Bureau of the organization that gathers Cuban farmers.


However, said the leader, the participation of state agencies and entrepreneurs in these meetings has been discreet, in which the partners discussed the trends slow their contribution to society and whose solution does not depend on them.


He added that in these exchanges the ideas of the leaders of the revolution around the themes selected for the main report to Congress were discussed, including the role of ANAP as a mass organization of the Cuban farmers, and also the ways to improve recruitment and marketing.


The need to incorporate the cooperative movement to the beneficiaries by Decree

Law 259 (On the supply of idle land in usufruct) also had prevailed in those meetings, with an attendance of about 90 percent of the members, Martin Perez said.


The member of of ANAP National Bureau reported that the Congress, scheduled to run from May 15 through the 17 in Havana, will be attended by 634 delegates from base (93 of them directly), which will be chosen from next February.


They stand for the more than 350 thousand ANAP members, distributed in 4 047 grassroots organizations.


With only a third of the Cuban arable lands, the cooperatives and farmers provide annually 294 million liters of milk, over 23 000 tons of rice, 97 percent of all the tobacco produced and almost all the coffee, cocoa and coconut in the nation.


Last year, easternmost Guantanamo province deserved to host the main national event for Farmers Day (May 17th).



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