Cuban Identity, culture and history as a Destination

2019-03-18 10:15:03 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Cuban Identity, culture and history as a Destination

Along with the conviction that the local tourist sector´s contribution is essential for the country´s economic and social development and for consolidating Cuba as a peaceful, health and security destination, it was carried out the meeting of the local Ministry of Tourism, along with the presence of the president of the State´s Council and Ministries, Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez.

“The tourism demands the detailed use of the culture.” We have culture, cultural identity and history.” The Cuban president pointed out.

He also urged to eliminate the obstacles and bureaucracy in all the process of the sector which should be ordered and regulated by an strict control. Moreover, he also talked about three main concepts that should be associated to work in the tourist sector such as the rest of the sectors of the society: The social communication, the computerization and the related research aimed at innovating.

“Cuba has eye-catching places to design wonders.” The Cuban president pointed out.

Díaz Canel also expressed a then thankful message for all the workers of the sector on March 4 th that was held the local Hotel and Tourism date.

Before presenting his report that caused a wide debate about the results of 2018 and the related projections for the year 2019, the minister Manuel Marrero Cruz explained the difficult scenery in which the Cuban tourism had to be carried out during last year.

In spite of the difficult situation, featured by the consequences caused by the Irma Hurricane strike by the end of the year 2017 and the related measures by the U.S. government which limited the travels even much more, the tourism set a new record on visitors´ arrivals to the nation with 4 million and 732280 international visitors. It grew for its four consecutive year and Canada remains as the first related market for tourist travelling to Cuba.

The first Minister Manuel Marrero insisted on increasing the services quality in an essential sector for the growing of the national economy. The minister highlighted that the nation received on Sunday 3RD a million visitors in the current year, just five days before 2018.

The fruitful debate made clear that the search of more competitive products that meet the costumers´ expectations, are among the objectives of a sector that searches for more competitive products that meet all the clients´ expectations.

In addition, it is a priority the fight against the illegal and indiscipline actions and the local Ministry of Tourism is immersed in a digital-transformation process on the Cuban tourist sector. The meeting concluded with the commitment about the related tourist parameters nationwide so that they could keep growing properly while continue the effort in terms of contributing to the economic development of Cuba.

By Angélica Paredes López

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