Cuban youngsters return after successful World Festival of Youth

2017-10-23 11:07:33 /

Cuban youngsters return after successful World Festival of Youth

More than 250 young Cubans who participated in the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which took place in the Russian city of Sochi, arrived this Monday, just before dawn, to this Havana.

The 13-hour long flight and the intense and exhausting days they lived in Sochi did not diminish the hubbub of the youngsters who, on the corridors of the international airport Jose Martí of Havana cheered the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution.

Welcoming them, Ronald Hidalgo Rivera, second secretary of the Young Communist League, stressed the historic coincidence of the arrival of the delegation with the date in which Fidel 55 years ago made public the measures that guaranteed the island's security in the Crisis of the Missiles.

He said that the people have been aware of the Cuban role in the XIX Youth Festival that during the days of work dignified the principles of the Revolution that Fidel wielded more than five decades ago and denounced the interventionist policy of U.S.

We received them with the pride of duty fulfilled, emphasized the youth leader.

In Sochi the representation of the Island put in high the principles of unity, of anti-imperialism and of solidarity of the Cubans, he emphasized.

The more than 20,000 delegates and guests from some 180 countries returned to their nations with the clear idea of ​​strengthening unity to achieve victory and to continue the struggles for solidarity, peace and social justice, against imperialism and wars.The Cuban delegation participated in more than 35 exchange spaces, including forums, panels, workshops and conferences.

Speaking to the press, Susely Morfa, the UJC's first secretary, assured shortly before returning to Cuba that the festival also served to corroborate that Cuba is still a reference for the world for its resistance and firmness in the struggle for its sovereignty and independence.

It has managed to combine joy and enthusiasm, with responsibility and political maturity, stressed the leader.

This Saturday and with the presence of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, the XIX Festival was closed with a beautiful ceremony, meeting that called to maintain the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialism and anti-fascist character of this movement.


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