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Demian Bichir: A great Mexican Actor

2013.10.03 - 08:45:48 / / JC Caballero

Demian Bichir: A great Mexican Actor

In the year 2008, Demían Bichir was an essential part of the cast of the film entitled ´Che, el Argentino´ and ´Che, la guerrilla´under the direction of Steven Soderberg that was performed by Benicio Del Toro in the leading role by recreating the history of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna.

Three years later, he was nominated to the Oscar award as the main character of the film entitled ´Una vida mejor´ where he competed against renowned actors such as George Clooney, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt and French actor Jean Dujardin who was the one finally awarded with the Oscar accolade due to his performance in the film entitled ´El artista.´

Demían Bichir was born in 1963 within a family of Lebanese origin. He has two brothers who are also actors and are named Odiseo and Bruno, respectively.

Demían Bichir´s career in the movie began in 1989 in the film entitled ´Rojo amanecer´ and there were other ones entitled ´Miroslava,´´La vida conyugal,´ ´Perdida Durango,´´Sexo pudor y lagrimas´ and the one entitled´Ciudades oscuras,´among others.

In 2001, he was granted the MTV Movie award from Mexico due to his performance in the film entitled´ Sin noticias de Dios´ by Agustín Díaz Yanes where he worked, along with the also Mexican actor, Gael García Bernal and the French FannyArdant, respectively.

In 2004, he performed the national hero Emiliano Zapata in the soap opera entitled ´Amor en rebeldía.´

Demían Bichir also participated in the soap operas entitled ´Lazos de amor, ´ ´Nada personal´ and ´Demasiado corazón.´

He has also participated in the dubbing of the cartoons for the Disney movie firm through the films entitled´ La sirenita´, ´Aladino´ and ´El camino hacia el Dorado.´

With his nomination in the film entitled ´Una vida mejor, ´ he has achieved to be the second Mexican actor, after his compatriot Anthony Quinn who had been the first one, to be near of being granted the Oscar Award. By Gladys Ramos Leal

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