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Diaz-Canel affirms Cuba is prepared for difficult times

2020-01-24 12:36:21 / ACN

Diaz-Canel affirms Cuba is prepared for difficult times

Cuba is prepared to face difficult times, said Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel when answering questions from the foreign press.

The Cuban president offered an interview to foreign journalists accredited in the country, in the context of the government visit he is leading to the province of Sancti Spíritus (central Cuba), which will conclude today after two days of exchanges with directors of economic entities and social institutions, with workers and the population of the territory.

Regarding relations with the United States, Diaz-Canel said that Cuba is open to dialogue, always based on mutual respect; and we, he emphatically expressed, are not going to give up or kneel down, nor we´re going to be sullied.

Our people, he reiterated, are hardened by the attacks of the U.S. government, which almost every week applies a sanction against Cuba; and then it uses a manipulative language saying that it is to help the Cuban people; and then he asked: Do these measures help the Cuban people, the Cuban families living in the United States, the United States people?

When asked about the attempt to eliminate hurdles in the economy, Diaz-Canel confirmed that an indication was given to the ministers to work in a collective thinking exercise to see in which process there is bureaucracy or other obstacles in order to remove them, which, he reiterated, has also been asked to the workers and the population.

Diaz-Canel affirms Cuba is prepared for difficult times

In response to a question from EFE news agency, which insisted on the possibility of opening up more the space for private property and gave the examples of China and Vietnam, Diaz-Canel responded that work is being done on this issue, but stressed that by unleashing the productive forces, the state business sector is conceived as the main economic actor, without denying the private one, which complements the economy.

He recognized that the private sector has been given more freedom than the state one and therefore the private moves with more possibilities of success than the other; but without stopping one, it is necessary to develop both because all the economic actors are important.

He also noted that monetary and exchange rate unification is an element to help stabilize economic conditions, and many things can be done on that basis, and working groups made up of academics and economists, among other professionals, are working on it.

Diaz-Canel explained the circumstances of China and Vietnam have been studied, but he added that those countries have not been subjected to such a strong blockade as the one imposed against Cuba by the world's main power, which he described as arrogant.

When the press referred to the tour made by Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, throughout the Caribbean region, where he has said that Cuba is a destabilizing factor, Diaz-Canel assured that this official no longer has any indecorous remarks to make about the Cuban nation and expressed that this tour has been to divide the Caribbean and to seek support for American policies against Latin America and the Caribbean.

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