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Doing pushups exercises is good for heart

2019-03-07 09:53:21 / / Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

 Doing pushups exercises is good for heart

A research made with 1.104 firemen allowed to researchers to announce that those that are able to do 40 pushups have less risk of suffering heart diseases; it was published by JAMA Network Open magazine.

The survey was made by specialists of T.H. Chan Public Health School of Harvard (United States) among 2000 and 2010, with men that had an age average of 39,6 years and a rate of muscle mass of 28,7. After analyzing the data, they concluded that those who could accomplish with the test were a 96% less prone to suffer heart problems.

“Our study evidences that the capacity to do pushups could be an easy method and with no cost to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular disease in almost any environment”, it was expressed by Justin Yang, one of the authors of the research.

 Doing pushups exercises is good for heart

At 660 Km underground, there are mountains

A new study reveals the existence of mountains and other formations at 660 km of depth under the earth crust.

The research made by scientists of different universities of the world indicates that data of an earthquake of magnitude 8,2 that took place during 1994 in Bolivia, allowed to discover mountains and other topography in a layer located 660 kilometers underground.

For looking deeply beneath Earth, scientists use the most powerful waves of the planet, generated by massive earthquakes.

According to the study published in Science magazine, the discovery has been baptized by the scientists as “limit of the 660 km”, topography stronger than the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachians.

 Doing pushups exercises is good for heart

Your memories as a navigable wall… the possibility each time nearer

Imagine if you could navigate by your memories as in the Instagram wall and relive with all detail the favorite moments of your life, remembering the experiences with your most beloved human beings.

Now imagine a dystopian version of the same future in which some hackers enter in those memories and threaten you with erase them if you don’t pay a rescue.

It may sound overreacted, but this hypothesis could be nearer of the realty than you believe.

Advances in the neurotechnology field have approached us to the increase and stimulation of our memories.

In few decades we also could be able to manipulate, decipher and rewrite them.

They also promise new forms of controlling the diabetes and fighting the obesity.

It is a technology that it is being researched even more every time in order to treat depression, dementia and the Tourette syndrome among others.

By: Alejandro Rojas


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