Efficiency since the new technology

2018-02-10 05:18:45 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: JC Caballero

Efficiency since the new technology

In Isla de la Juventud a greater efficiency in the industrial process is possible due to the exploitation of the aseptic line in the Commander Jesús Montané Oropesa agroindustrial company where it is estimated a season of tomato with a superior quality and quantity during 2018.

Efficiency since the new technologyTomás Betancourt, director of the entity in the Special Municipality said that this modern technology provides a better speed, in one hour it grinds five tons, volume that was previously achieved in 10 hours, and it minimizes the concentration time in brix degrees, measure used for the content of the total soluble solids in the line assortments.

"This year we have 7 million pesos for investments, and we are already working on the self-supply program, 268 hectares of coffee, more than 1,500 of beans, 400 of cassava, 300 of sweet potatoes and more than 500 of tomato, they have been sowed in the Municipality" he said.

The agribusiness enterprise fulfills its commitments with the collection and grinding of vegetable since four consecutive years, which reported two thousand 500 tons last year and in the current season it is estimated about three thousand due to the high outputs.

Besides, the doypack line process will be reinforced this year that guarantees the food commercialization and in this way improving the productions quality, we are also working strongly in the search of new markets such as La Estancia, where the products that are sold in the stores that collect foreign currency are recovered.

In the other hand, William Mesa Salazar, President of the Small Farmers Association in this region, commented that the volumes collected in the current season of tomato are close to 800 tons, it is an increasing number due to incorporating new producers to the crop, which will enable the delivery of 3 thousand tons for industrial processing.

That is why with the new technology and the effort of the workers from Isla de la Juventud, a superior season of tomato is estimated this 2018, where all the alternatives for facing the task in the field and the industry are assured.

By: Jessica Padrón Rodríguez

Efficiency since the new technology

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