Everyone for Cuba

2017-09-20 10:13:37 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Everyone for Cuba

The Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC) joined to the called that the mass organizations are doing for including the people to the cleansing of the homes, communities and cities.

«We called them this Sunday, with their families, to a day of cleansing, solid waste’s collection, elimination of possible sources of vectors. Everyone can contribute: since the youngest women to the most experienced ones», the communiqué of the FMC National Secretarial that arrived to our editorial department, exhorts.

It is recognized in the letter that we have lived, by these days, difficult but big moments behind the hurricane Irma’s passage, in front of which “it has been emerged a hurricane of solidarity, humanism, resistance and patriotism”.

“Facing the devastating winds, the intense rains, the destroying waves, the organization of our people leaded by the authorities of the Party and the Government in all the levels was imposed. The recognition to the women made by the General of Army Raúl Castro, fill us of pride, and at the same time, it commit us to continue in the vanguard during the recovery process”, points out the message to the women.

The FMC National Secretarial reaffirm that it is worked day and night in order to guarantee the basic necessities in the minor possible time and that nobody will be abandoned, but the work that is made “is not only a labor for specialists, all the hands are welcomed and necessary”.

“It is time for switching on the production and services centers, the schools and universities, of rebuilding the houses, of erecting even more beautiful and solid the destroyed constructions. The unity will give forces to us for the recovery’s advance”.

CDR call to a massive mobilization of the people

Taking into account the battle for the recovery that is being fought in the country, Carlos Rafael Miranda Martínez the National Coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), call to the Cuban family to a day of massive mobilization with the objective of contributing to the cleansing and rehabilitation of the public areas, as a support to all the organizations that do these works.

“The CDR organizations are nowadays more useful than ever in each neighborhood, due to it characterize themselves for answering the call of the Revolution during difficult times such as the ones we are living. We have the responsibility of taking our communities’ streets and change them, it means, to turn these days of voluntary work in a systemic task. The principal goal must be to come back to the cleaning and the order”, told the also member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The National Headship of the CDR is in solidarity with those persons who were affected by the passage of the hurricane Irma, and at the same time it recognizes the discipline maintained by the people during the meteorological event, such like the given help to those which required shelter, because of that, the 57 Anniversary of the Committees, that will be celebrated next September 28th, is going to be dedicated to these days of recovery.

“We must remember our organization’s creator Fidel Castro, just when the anniversary’s date is getting closer. The Commandant always used to turn to the people for each one of the Revolution’s tasks, because he trusted in the insuperable force of the Cubans”, specified Miranda Martínez.

Likewise, the necessity of the Cuban family’s contribution to the recovery of the schools and labor centers located in the zone of residence is defended, above all in the provinces of the country’s center and the Cuban capital, where the impact of the meteorological phenomenon was more devastating, so that those institutions return to their daily activities in the possible minor time.

The National Coordinator of the CDR reaffirmed the words of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers Raúl Castro Ruz, when expressing that in spite of the provoked damage by the hurricane Irma, one more time we will go ahead.

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