Habits that have to be eliminate due to the damage for health

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Habits that have to be eliminate due to the damage for health

Inadequate life styles can seriously threat your physical and mental health. Sadly all of them are provoked by the own person, who is also able to eliminate them if he want to do it.

This wrong selection of how to live the life that was given to us shortens the hope of life and damages our brains, with the latest years suffering and making suffering because of our own irresponsibility or ignorance. We own put ourselves in risk of suffering mental disorders such as depression or anxiety, as well as physical diseases like Alzheimer, cardiovascular illnesses, epilepsy, diabetes and even cancer, only to quote the most destructive ones. If mind, result of brain, is apparently in “rest”, physical brain can be being irresponsible affected due to these bad habits.

Lack of breakfast habits

Breakfast is considered, with all reason, the most important food of the day. Levels of sugar in blood, one of the principal nutrients of brain, can decrease in a person who does not have breakfast, and this is very harmful for the whole organism and for this organ in particular, especially if it is something usual. Your brain uses until the 20 percent of the total of glucose available in blood daily.

Habits that have to be eliminate due to the damage for health

Most part of brain’s energy, around two thirds, is used to help the neurons sending signals to the rest of the body. The rest third is for maintenance and care of it own cells.

If we do not plan time for a correct breakfast and what is needed is not given at the adequate hour for its preservation, those valuable cells can be affected or damaged with a quick rhythm.

Insufficient sleep

Everyday 7 or 8 hours must be slept. Not sleeping enough makes a person feeling slow and forgetful during the next day, because lack of sleep steals from neurons the capacity of functioning correctly. This takes to mental lapses that can affect work and relationships. But, the most serious is that senses and reflects will be decrease, because of that, it is more probable that a dangerous accident could happen.

Habits that have to be eliminate due to the damage for health

Sleeping less than what is needed, is a bad habit and it must be remembered that the best efficiency is directly linked to the priority of sleep hours. If time for sleeping correctly is planned, more in less time can be done at the following day.

Bad food with excessive calories

Habits that have to be eliminate due to the damage for health

There is a relationship between the obesity, insanity and many others diseases. It is considered that obesity is present when the eaten food does not have nutritive elements, which takes to the wish of eating more of them in order to satisfy, uselessly, necessities of vitamins and minerals of each cell of the body. So, even if a lot of junk food is eaten, brain could be dying of hunger and body can be still getting fat.

People who love themselves know how to take care of themselves and to avoid these and others bad habits.

By: Alberto Quirantes


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