Happiness in the Guamuhaya Mountain Group from Cienfuegos

2018-02-22 12:38:07 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Happiness in the Guamuhaya Mountain Group from Cienfuegos

Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos, Cuba-. The highlanders from Cienfuegos began the current year satisfied due to the fulfillment of requests such as the electrification of the settles El Naranjo and El Tunel synchronized to the Electro-energetic National System from the Cuatro Vientos-San Blas Popular District.

The President, Felix Luis Sánchez comments the transformations of the Guamuhaya Mountain Group’s heart located more than 50 kilometers far from Cumanayagua town and in a height over the 500 meters over the sea level.

He says “we have few things for finishing concerning the rehabilitation of the recreational centers and stores of the place. Radio Cuba made the meltings for the digital signal in the heart of the mountain, an achievement of this Revolution which will answer several requests with more than twenty years of existence”.

The digital signal is with the cutting-edge technology in the own hill, in silence zones, where at the present time television room are used.

Felix Luis emphasizes “they are going to watch the TV set in a perfect way in their home, all the Cuban channels, they will be informed of everything that happens in the national and international scenarios. It is one of the most beautiful advances and they will be the first installations of its type in the entire Escambray from Cienfuegos and part of Villa Clara”

Happiness in the Guamuhaya Mountain Group from Cienfuegos

And the public transportation shows a great advance in the mountains, as it is assured by the President of the Popular District: “We have a station of new Kamaz autobuses which allows that the public transportation continue in an stable manner for almost two years, it was an historical request. The population is really satisfied and happy”.

The mountain people continue picking up coffee from the current harvest time, besides the sowing and with positive results, as Felix Luis assures: “We have many achievements in the mountains because of the Youth Army of the Work, the farmers and the people associated with the cooperatives. We have worked in a very setting and strong manner during the last two years with the collaboration of the Party and the Government of our province and the municipality”.

By: Mireya Ojeda Cabrera

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