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I Have a Dream

2019-09-10 07:31:58 / / JC Caballero

Martin Luther King Junior

In the emotional world memory, the word by the priest Martin Luther King Junior registered through the phrase: ´I have a Dream.´The director of the Cuban Memorial center named like the outstanding activist for the civil rights for the Afro descendants who is the Reverend Raúl Suárez considers that message as a jewelry of the all times oratory.

The Cuban Reverend Raúl Suárez highlighted the determination with which that unforgettable activist said good bye to the hundreds of thousands of people to the March to Washington city some 56 years today when he said: “Go back calm to your homes as the change somehow will come.”

Regarded as one of the best speeches in the history. “I have a dream’ by the American Priest shows the nation he imagined for his own family in which the white boys and black ones could coexist without prejudices.

All the civil rights leaders of the then called Big Six were speakers in the famous March from that monument to Washington until the Abraham Lincoln. There some related sources which calculate around 200.000 the ones who participated, there other ones which state there were over 300.000 and around 80% were Afro descendants.

The author of the speech entitled’ I have a Dream´´ was granted a Peace Novel Award in 1964 and he was killed in the middle of unclear circumstances in Memphis in Tennessee on July 4th, 1958.

By Andrés Machado Conte

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