Important Investments in the Health Sector in Pinar del Rio

2017-07-01 10:45:09 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Important Investments in the Health Sector in Pinar del Rio

In Pinar del Río province, there are 24 health emergency services in far-off zones throughout seven territories from that province which allows treating the inhabitants who live in distant places from the local health centers.

Doctor Ariel Godoy del Llano, who is the provincial health and the vice director in charge of the related health treatment, said that the local health family clinics where those services are delivered as part of the investments in the local health sector, were carried out some improvements in the constructive aspect, besides, he enumerated some of the advantages of those clinics.

“We have the related equipment for electrocardiogram, resuscitation, wards for health observation and clinical laboratories which have had a huge positive impact for the local inhabitants.” Doctor Ariel Godoy del Llano pointed out.

Doctor Ariel Godoy highlighted that the pediatric oncological hematology ward was concluded as part of the programed investment plan in that territory, while there are some ongoing refurbishing works being carries out in other places such as the surgery wards, orthopedics war and the progressive health care war in the provincial hospital for children.

The list also includes two medicines and emergency wards and some other medical wards in the provincial hospital centers, as well as the maintenance work carried out in 67 health clinics for local families, the Medical University´s convention room and some elderly people´s centers, among other facilities.

Doctor Ariel Godoy said that all those works are regarded as a strength for the provincial health system which show really favorable parameters at present time.

“In 2016, that territory concluded with a 2.1 infantile mortality rate and it is 2.0 one now. We have had some deaths this year and the surgical operation plan was surpassed as well as the blood donations one that is essential to keep the stability of the programed surgeries. We have worked on the fitting out of 16 elderly´s people centers throughout all the local territories.” He said.

It is worth highlighting that there have not been cholera spread since 2014 and there has not been any report on the dengue disease transmission, which shows the favorable hygienic epidemic situation in spite of we are in the middle of an intensive fumigation campaign stage.” Doctor Ariel Godoy pointed out.

By Alina Cabrera

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