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International Volleyball Federation announces five Cubans in foreign leagues

2020-05-28 15:49:24 / ACN

International Volleyball Federation announces five Cubans in foreign leagues

Although Cuba has not yet confirmed it, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB by its French acronym) announced that five Cubans will play in the next season in professional leagues of Argentina, Italy and France, amid the world situation for COVID-19.

According to the FIVB website, those Cuban players are Marlon Yant, Jesus Herrera, Osniel Melgarejo, Roamy Alonso and Julio Cesar Cardenas.

Wing spiker Yant, who is only 19, appears in the Italian squad Cucine Lube Civitanova, current FIVB men´s club world champion; after debuting on European soil with the Chaumont VB, from France.

Meanwhile, Herrera (opposite) and Melgarejo (outside hitter) will remain with Argentina´s club Ciudad Bolivar, where they already shone last season; while middle blocker Alonso will also stayed with the Consar Ravenna, from Italy.

Finally, outside hitter Cardenas was transferred to France from Argentina, where he debuted with the Obras San Juan, and will now play for the Tourcoing Lille Metropole.

Yant will now play with veteran middle blocker Robertlandy Simon, who after several years absent returned to the Cuban national team.

The total of Cubans who will serve in the Italian Cucine Lube Civitanova is of four players since along with Simon and Yant, the roster of the team also includes outside hitters Osmany Juantorena and Yoandy Leal, although these two are nationalized in other countries, Italy and Brazil respectively.

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