Local Baragua Complex Facility Soon Available

2017-10-03 09:13:34 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: JC Caballero

Local Baragua Complex Facility Soon Available

The Baragua Pool Complex Facility, which was reopened on August 13 th, was affected by the Irma Hurricane, but it was expected that it could be available on Tuesday 3rd, according to the information delivered to the Press by Nuridis Rodríguez, who is the chief of investments of the local sport institution.

That sport complex facility, which spent around four years without having been used, it was achieved to be rescued and its reopening took place on the occasion of the 91th anniversary of the birth of Fidel Castro.

Questioned about if it had not been placed the roof of that facility properly and the damages causes by that weather phenomenon and the official of the local INDER, highlighted:

“The Baragua facility has not its roof badly placed on it, taking into account that all the technical requirements were fulfilled there, but the speed of the wind and the height of that sport complex facility, over 12 meters, caused many damages in the ten % of its roof. “ Nuridis explained.

“The pool complex facility has an area of 8.000 and 45 square meters of roof and it was changed nearly 7.000 during its repair process because the rest of it was in good condition.”

Ph.D. Antonio Becali, who was the head of the INDER, considered as just a few the damages caused to that facility.
“The damages were not really many ones and apart from roof, there are two carpenter´s workshops made of aluminum which were also affected as a consequence of the winds. That is a facility that is not protected as it is located in a place where there are no other buildings.” Antonio Becali pointed out.

“We are hoping to achieve the 100 % of its roof finished. On Tuesday. The same workers, who carried out its refurbishment work, are the ones that are carrying out this work.” Antonio Becali concluded.

By Rodolfo Durán

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