Local III Workshop for Internationalization of Higher Education

2017-10-28 08:11:36 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: JC Caballero

Local III Workshop for Internationalization of Higher Education

The III local Taller de Alianzas Estratégicas para la Internacionalización de la Educación Superior’ (The III Worshop of Strategic Alliances for the Internationalization of Higher Education) began to hold sessions recently at the Jagua Hotel in Cienfuegos city, along with the local ‘Primer Simposio de Lengua, Cultura y Comuniciación’ (First Symposium of the Language, Culture and Communication) and the presence of experts from a dozen of countries.

The welcoming words were pronounced by the rector of the University of Cienfuegos province, PhD. Juan Cogollos Martínez, who highlighted the need about having access into the knowledge of researchers and directors’ decisions about the internalization of the Higher Education by adjust them into the local reality.

PhD. Jacquelyn Traver Scott came from the University of Cape Breton in Canada and delivered a conference about the Program for Local Economic Development and shared related experiences with the University of Camaguey province, after the inauguration ceremony.

On the other hand, the director of Public Policies of the NAFSA: National Association of International Educators, Jill Welch, talked about themes such as the National Association of International Educators, the Initiative and Commitment with Cuba and the Impact of the programs with Cuba on the Local Development of the United States.

One of the panels was based on the internationalization of Models of the University of Cienfuegos and its contribution to the local development as part of the workshop that lasted until October 27th.

The pre-event courses included the following ones: Pear language with entitled exchanges, the critical period and the age in the learning of foreign languages, TOEFL IBT: a key for international mobility, as well as the Languages learners’ strategies. Moreover, the one entitled a call for micro-Level analysis was carried out by the professors Pedro Bernal Díaz from the Central University of Las Villas from Cuba, Sorani Marin from Colombia and Andrew Cohen from the University of Minnesota from the United States.

The three commissions started an academic program based on the guidelines of the international relations and the role played about the work on the social networks and the local development, the impact of the internationalization on the sustainability of development, the academic and scientific activity, as well as the role of the universality process of the Higher Education.

Likewise, there was an exhibition room with works about the modality of Posters which were opened from October 24th through the 26th at the local Julio Antonio Mella cultural center.

By Mireya Ojeda Cabrera

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