Local Piet Heyn Statue Witnessing the fall of the Meteorite

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Local Piet Heyn Statue Witnessing the fall of the Meteorite

Janio Tejera Soca was returning home on board of his electric little bike, along with a friend, when he got highly surprised after crossing the local Canímar Bridge as there was a trail of fire of a weird yellow color and a big size that was approaching the city from the west direction.

That observance, which covered all the driver´s visual space, lasted only five seconds without any explosion or sound at all.
He stopped the car when it was still observed a smoke column in the south part of harbor a which would be later known that it was a trail of condensation.

“I thought it was fragment of a plane on fire because that object was big.” He said to the one on his side and the answer was negative. He experienced the same answer when he talked about it to the inhabitants near his house and he even talked to students and workers of the Camilo Cienfuegos University.

Nevertheless, he was convinced that it was not a vision, let alone the fact that he was the only witness of that event on Friday afternoon. The doubts disappeared at night on the evening News program (NTV).

Local Piet Heyn Statue Witnessing the fall of the Meteorite

According to the specialists, it was a meteorite

The conversation with Oscar García Martínez, a delegate of the Ministry of the Science, Technology and Environment here, confirmed that event and provided additional details:

“We could talk to witnesses and getting to know the time of that observance that was at 1:16 pm (local time) and that is to say some minutes before other fragments fell down in Pinar del Río province.

We checked a wide perimeter of that zone while looking for any piece of it that could have been fragmented because of that type of rock could be perfectly identified. However, we deduced that the piece of rock, which we do not know its size, is really deep under the sea and in front of the local El Peregrino restaurant some few meters of the Vía Blanca motorway in a non-highly inhabited zone.

Ph.D. García Martínez commented the specialists of the Geophysics and Astronomy institute, who are currently researching, have confirmed the idea about visiting Matanzas´s harbor, along with divers to carry out a strict expedition.

A weekend with comments and speculations and Matanzas´s harbor was again the main piece of news and it is usual the inhabitants´ comments about the very likely chance that the specialists found the rests of the Silver fleet and its gold and silver estimated in over $ 11 millions Florin ancient currency as it was snatched to Spain thanks to skill of the Dutch sailos, Piet Heyn in the distant 1628.

Even more unusual, the meteorite fell down a few meters and on the right of the Dutch sailor. However, it certainly happened with less commotion and implications than the historic attack that caused the death and so much to the Spanish general, Juan de Benavides y Bazán in spite of the then coveted treasure.

Local Piet Heyn Statue Witnessing the fall of the Meteorite

By José Miguel Solís Díaz


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