Men Should Learn to Look After Themselves

2020-01-01 12:06:03 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Men Should Learn to Look After Themselves

The majority of men do not pay too much attention to their health; however, they have more probabilities to smoke, drinking alcohol, taking decisions or doing non healthy works and delay in terms of doing their checkups in comparison with women.

Mean should carried out periodic checkups about their health, even if they feel ok, taking into account that some diseases have not symptoms at the beginning.

A good Start

Men just like women should consume a healthy food free from salt and not any kind of meal from the Street. They should be active until they could reach a proper weight, taking into account that all of that helps to eliminate or controlling the high blood pressure, the diabetics and many other non pleasant things.

Those who keep controlled those and other parameters can reduce the risk about having serious health complications such as the Diabetics type 2nd, the Cancer disease and the heart diseases. It s also important prevent health problems by avoiding drinking alcohol and stop smoking.

A Compulsory Visit

Mean should also visit their family doctor and ask them how they could keep their health without feeling embarrassment. A good start is talking to their relatives to get to know their past family diseases and sharing that information with the doctor, given that doctor not only sees sick people but also gives good advice to avoid many health problems.

Women and also Men

Men, just like women, should take their pulse periodically since their 18 years old, especially the fat ones or those ones having family backgrounds on that disease and they should ask the doctor how often they should take their pulse and if they needed to do the cholesterol test, Serology, Aids and other ones: However, any of the previous ones should become an obsession.

Those ones who feel stressed, anxious or sad should ask they doctor an approximant with a specialist to get to know if he was depressed because the majority of those people, experiencing a depression, feel much better when they undergo the related treatment.

Facing the Old Age

Those who are aged between 50 and 75 should also do the tests for detecting the colon Cancer by asking their doctor the type of proper test in each case.

Those ages between 65 and 75 still smoke irresponsible for themselves and their families, should ask their doctor about their relayed health risk as they are many ones. That person should start immediately a plan to eliminate that lethal addiction that is capable to cause many deaths and often surprising disabilities.

A man worried for their health will be a citizen capable to be active and in a favorable situation due to his accumulated experience for many years for the good and prosperity of himself and his beloved family.

By Alberto Quirantes

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