Modern ecological coffee pulper in mountains of Cienfuegos

2017-10-09 06:36:07 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Modern ecological coffee pulper in mountains of Cienfuegos

An ecological coffee pulper will be started at the end of October, in San Blas in the middle of the mountains of Guamuhaya Group in Cienfuegos.

It is an inversion with technology proceeding from Colombia; it takes part of 32 installations of its type, which were set up in the country for the Coffee Development Program.

Julio Andrés García Pérez, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, explained to Radio Rebelde that technology is being improved in the important process.

“Our main goal, besides of the improvement of technology, is decreasing the impact of the pollution to the environment and making an efficient use of water”.

According to the First Deputy Minister the new inversion “it is financed with the own inversions, with the coffee exportation, it is paid the new reception of the technology”.

It is a modern factory that delivers the pulped grain to the dryers, where it is remained two or three days, for draining it and take it to the benefice, besides it saves the water which recirculates inside the process.

Omar Bermúdez Sánchez, Director of Eladio Machín Agroindustrial Enterprise from Cumanayagua, adds that “in 72 hours we already have 120 quintals of coffee in each specialized machine through a continuous and quickly process”.

In accordance with Omar “we use the cover as organic matter among other uses in the agriculture and at the same time we have a better quality of the exportable coffee in the 90 percent”.

In 2018 the technology in the Cuatro Vientos pulper will be renewed and it is joined to the inversion realized in El Nicho, third center of humid benefice in Cienfuegos.

For the next year 280 hectares will be planted. Nowadays 36 chainsaws, distributed in six brigades, from them five come from the eastern provinces, which work in the recuperation from the damage caused by the hurricane Irma in the hills of Charco Azul.

By: Mireya Ojeda Cabrera

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