Movie and other Shows

2017-10-02 09:02:04 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

 Movie and other Shows

The Cuban movies are using their facilities to offer musical, humorous and circus ones. However, when that was legalized?
It was in 1841 on January 29th when the changes of the Decree number 1396, which was regulating the hiring of films, added the compulsory measure for theaters and movie theaters from the provincial capitals and communities with more than 20.000 inhabitants to present Cuban artists who would be then performing twice a week, as a minimum. The decree would be in effect on March 4th from that year.

On May 1944, it was repealed the decree number 1396 as it had been contested by the then National Businessmen Association of Cuba. It was a legal battle which had allegedly been won the following year when those changes had already been applied and many shows were allowed in spite of us there were many ones who took them for granted and the related history continues.

In 1945, the local Labor Ministry forced the fulfilment of a related decree by allowing the aforementioned shows, along with the showing of films. It was on May of that same year that the Treasury Department freed from tributes and entrance taxes those ones who were then presenting much more shows rather than films only. The Labor Ministry showed then its disagreement about it

A new decree number 2100 forced the premiere movie theaters that were then linked to enterprises to present artists and musicians, daily. The other movie theaters were released from that measure and that caused some riots at the entrance of some of them and there were some members of the audience who got injured.

Those protests got to the presidency of the nation, along with the threat about closing movies as a symbolic gesture of rebelliousness. There are some businessmen who were detained by the police and there were many ones who were then in favor about increasing the price of the entrances when those shows were going to be carried out.

The racket ended in August 1945 when the premiere movies, except the Payret one, were then presenting artist every day and the other ones every ten days.

By Gladys Ramos

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