New Technique Favors Sugar Cane Yielding in Mayabeque

2017-06-02 09:25:19 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

New Technique Favors Sugar Cane Yielding in Mayabeque

The sugar cane plantation, along with the wide base technique, allows yielding of over 50 tons per hectare at the local Cuba Cambodia Cooperativa de Producción Agroprecuaria center (Agricultural Cooperative of Production center) from the Jaruco municipality in Mayabeque region.

Carlos Pupo Leyva, who is the president of the aforementioned cooperative center, said that the new method increases that crop in Cuba.

“The wide base technique is about planting the seeds or posts into a furrow which causes a higher germination. That furrow is constructed wider with enough room for seeds and that is the meaning of that technique’s name about. It will enable more sugar cane, related yielding and less appearance of unwanted plants.”

The request taken by the sugar cane sector in the nation is using the technique and producing up to 50 tons per hectares. There have been some instructions which we have been fulfilling at present.”

What quantity of area with a wide base technique is being used for that crop?

“Our 82 cooperatives work through 906 hectares dedicated to that crop. Moreover, there is a related harmony given that has been the way for reducing other actions which were then needing from the man and resources through the constant fight against the weeds, for example.”

“There is always non wanted plants, especially now, and there is favorable sugar yields.”

How is it carried out the work in the sugar cane plantations?

“The cooperative gets the support given by mechanized forces from the Boris Luis Santa Coloma center where we deliver the sugar cane. This support is carried out through the ploughing up of the soil, the creation of furrows and the sowing process that is carried out by us with the use of the technology of the center, as well as the rest of the actions, including the fertilization and the plagues and the sugar cane cutting processes.”

Which is the related aspiration about?

“Along with the sowing of this current year, not only with the cold season harvest but also with the spring harvest one, we do aspire to obtain up to 60 tons per hectare for the 2017-2018 sugar cane harvest.”

By Elvis Gil Domínguez

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