Nomination of Candidates to a Good Start

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Nomination of Candidates to a Good Start

The stage of the nomination of candidates as delegates to local districts began in Cuba with the first 168 assemblies held on Tuesday, said the Secretary of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Maria Esther Bacallao Martinez.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, the electoral leader affirmed that the process began successfully and this is important in order to continue with the upcoming general elections called by the Council of State for October 22nd, with the objectives of electing the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power.

She stressed that there was a massive presence of the population as established by the Cuban Electoral Law.

The specialist highlighted that the first assemblies, which will continue with one per each Popular Council will also serve as a preparation for other electoral authorities in other districts.

According to the Secretary of the CEN, the majority of the Monday meetings had more than one candidates proposed as delegates while others opted to ratify their current representative, which is an example and recognition of their positive work during their mandate.

Bacallao Martinez warned that the following nomination assemblies –whose chronology will extend until September 30th –must be carried out with quality and similar to those held in each municipality.

She reaffirmed that this is the most important moment of the entire electoral process, and constitutes the country’s major democratic exercise preparing spaces where the population nominates, ratifies and opposes a specific candidate that is proposed.

During the second and third week of the month the majority of the meetings will be held with an average of over 3 thousand 500 a day, until completing the 45 thousand 668 according to the amount of areas of the defined nomination, he stressed.

She recalled that the Electoral District Commissions made up by the population are the maximum responsible entities that can organize, lead and validate those encounters, whose preparation requires to observe all detailed foreseen in the Law.

There are 62 thousand 575 electoral authorities, 76.74 percent with experience in previous processes and over half are women.

Bacallao Martinez praised highly the training program held prior to the beginning of the nomination assemblies, and pointed out that the from October 1st to the 14th the preparation of issues tied to elections will be scheduled.

In tune with the chronology, after this stage the biography list of the candidates of each district will be made public for the voters to decide who has more merits, capacity and commitment with the people to represent them at the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power.

By Lisandra Romeo Matos


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