People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

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People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

The Meteorological Center of this province includes two departments, one of Forecasts and other for Radars and this latest has a national scope.

The group of specialists formed by meteorologists, physics, geographers, computer specialists and technicians works as a system and has the responsibility of maintaining the information about the atmosphere’s observations and the emission of the time’s forecasts actualized.

In the cyclonic season they play a leading role in the society, although working under a lot of pressure, it was recognized by Karel Agüero the main specialist of the Center of Forecasts from Camagüey.

“There are a lot of analysis to do, the evaluations of the registers and the information processing, because it is necessary to find out the greatest certainty in the possible scenes concerning the arrival or the passage of a tropical organism, for giving the most accurate information possible and the most clear idea about the effect that can provoke a system of this type over any part of the territory”.

People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

According to the Engineer Roberto Aroche’s opinion the most complex moment is the one regarding the interpretation of the data that arrives through several ways.

“Our greatest responsibility is doing a deep analysis in order to interpret the available information clearly and with enough certainty and quickness, because we are the mediators with the people, the Civil Defense and other entities, to offering that forecasts in a less technical language and above all, to approach it more to the taking of the local decisions”.

“This generates more responsibility from our side, because we are the ones who knows the details, the characteristics physic-geographic, social-economic, cultural and historical of the territory”, explains the engineer.

The meteorologists enjoy a great prestige and they have won the confidence of the people, especially those who also through the local radio and television approach the information to the people, they guide, illustrate and help to reduce the possible risks before any meteorological event, opinion which the young Yordanis Estrada agree with.

“It is an important topic, because although the technology is now available for a lot of people, in particular the access to Internet; the people maintain the confidence in the Cuban meteorologists, and in this case in the ones from the province of Camagüey”.

“We lived the experience of the hurricane Irma. When we started to talk about this system there were huge information in the communication media and digital sites; however, in the Department we received a large number of telephone calls for asking what we, the meteorologists, were expecting from the hurricane”.

He also tells to us that “especially in this process the confidence that has been generated through several years takes part in this process, in the provision of this service by recognized specialists, not only in the country but in the province too; and a tradition of offering the most updated information possible and with the major efficiency to the people and the users, has been maintained”.

People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

The National Center of Radars is located in Camagüey, which with other centers of application takes care of the vigilance of storms and the estimation of the rain by that mean.

So, the radar is a much valued instrument for the integrated meteorological work, with the flow of information from the eight stations of the country, ensures the Director of the National Center of Radars, Doctor in Technical Sciences, Orlando Rodríguez González.

“We have a group of meteorologists who analyze the information of the radar, which is actualized every ten minutes, and the specialist obtains the phenomena’s main characteristics, he gives monitoring to it and besides he has the annotated images with the position of the hurricane’s eye, the diameter, where the principal lines of rain are, the speed of the movement, all in the same way as the radars see it”.

People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

“In time of hurricanes, we could say that the information of the radar goes to a first plane, because the satellite is not very effective, due to it see the meteor from above; then the radars are the fundamental tool, it is not the only one, for the reason that the forecasters have others at their disposal, such as the numerical models and a wide variety of sensors; but the radar is the one who allow with a major certainty, in the case of hurricanes, give monitoring to the phenomenon”.

“When we have hurricanes, José Rubiera and the other meteorologists show in television or offer by radio, the details of the images because they are really eloquent”.

The unique meteorological Doppler Radar, built in Cuba, works in Camagüey, used for locating rains, calculating its trajectories and estimating the types, it means rain, storms, hail, among others.

Besides, the data can be analyzed for collecting information about the structure of the storms and its potential of trajectory and possible damages; and also it allows estimating the direction and the speed of the wind in the low zones of the atmosphere.

Orlando Rodríguez González, Director of the National Center of Radars Camagüey.

People from Camagüey behind the weather and the hurricanes

“Before the threat of Hurricane Irma, - comment Orlando Rodríguez – technicians and specialists of our Center made a great effort for obtaining a correct functioning of the meteorological radar of La Gran Piedra, in Santiago de Cuba, and three fellows were there all the time, we sent also other two to the radar of Holguin, so, in the areas we thought it could there be any problem, where we have some technical vulnerabilities, they interacted with the operators of these radars”.

The men and women that are behind de information and the radar, many of them in an anonymous way, they work with no break 24 hours, and beyond of offering the weather report or the possibly trajectory of the cyclone, they guarantee the data analysis, for preventing, guiding and helping to reduce risks and to the take of decisions of the proper authorities.

By: Miozotis Fabelo Pinares


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