Protecting Life through Law

2020-04-10 01:36:13 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Protecting Life through Law

The right about life is more than any other one sacred. Therefore, the fact of beginning our constitutional text is clear signal, and it coincides with that pecking order that offers the common sense and the laws starting the Cuban Constitution.

However, the use of any right, even the right about life, implies responsibilities, and that is to say, related duties which have also their expression through the Supreme Law.

Before the threat on the Covid-19 in Cuba, the fulfillment of those duties, the obedience of all that is established, the observance of any measure that could be approved, along with the Civil behavior is an obligation.

It is simply a survival act, so saving ourselves today is compulsory; especially because of each one´ s protection provides life to others.

The Cuban legislation and its law number 41 from 1983 of the local Public Health sector and its laws establishes that the related measures adopted before the hygienic and epidemiological emergency situations have to be compulsory fulfilled.

All the state-run institutions and the population in general have to support the healthcare authorities through the anti-epidemic methods established.

If the updated information and the constant warning don´t make some people to aware of the situation, the Penal Code includes some sanctions against crimes against the Public health which ranges from fines to imprisonment for those who violate the established ones.

The evasion of the healthcare measures during the Epidemic period is a crime as it is established in the chapter 5th of the current Penal Code. It includes a sanction ranging from three months and a year of imprisonment for those behaviors or related fines.

Attorney’s office of the Republic, along with the accompaniment of the authorities in the battle for the life of Cubans will act according to each case, and will enforce the law against the offenders, if necessary.

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