Rules of Gold for the food, in Cuba

2017-09-26 06:31:50 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Rules of Gold for the food, in Cuba

During these days, with lack of water and electricity in many of the Cuban’s homes because of the passage of Hurricane Irma, we appeal to the “Rules of Gold” of the OMS for the hygienic preparation of the food.

Belkis Ramos Jiménez, graduated from a master’s degree in Hygiene and Epidemiology, recommends not preparing the food many hours before its consumption, check the color of the meats for avoiding the pathogenic bacteria’s growth due to a crossed contamination.

She recommended boiling the water and putting hypochlorite of sodium into it using 4 drops per liter, and waiting 30 minutes before consuming it. In this time it is not advisable to drink the precious liquid directly from the tap because it could be contaminated.

The expert also suggested that during these days of recovering from the Hurricane Irma, food must be well elaborated, specially the meats. It is important the cooking of these food with enough heat, for them not to show feature of blood or stench.

The master in Hygiene and Epidemiology, Belkis Ramos Jiménez remained to the freelancers, to offer products with no signs of decomposition.

Another worry that should be everybody's one, it is related to the collection of solid wastes and to avoid the manipulation of the garbage by irresponsible persons.

In many localities of the country solid wastes such as rubbles and trees still are on the street, and spoiled meats because of the lack of electricity are added to this situation.

The specialist who has a lot of experience in this type of disaster, inside and outside of Cuba, advises to wrap correctly the rotten products in order to avoid its consumption by some animals and then the transmission of diseases.

In Cuba there have been taken into account several health hygienic measures with the aim of evading the spreading of the cholera, digestive diseases and diarrheas. From our houses we have to do our best for reducing the risk, in the food and in this way preventing contaminations.

By: Hilia Tamayo Batista

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