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Cuba studies over 7000 samples for COVID 19, reporting today 42 new cases

Cuba reports Friday 42 new positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, for a total of 4,593 infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 in the country, 83.7 percent of them recovered, the Ministry of Public Health stated in its daily report.

Cuba reports 31 Covid-19 cases, 52 recovered patients, no deaths

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported 31 Covid-19 cases on Sunday, and noted that 7,588 PCR tests were performed on Saturday as part of the strategy to identify more contagions

Cuba: More than 8,000 Covid-19 tests and 60 cases

In a crusade to stop the outbreak of Covid-19 in Cuba, the Ministry of Public Health reported 60 new cases, while more than 8,000 diagnostic PCR tests were carried out for the first time

Cuba reports 52 new COVID-19 cases

The National Chief of Epidemiology, Francisco Duran, said 52 new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed in Cuba over the last 24 hours

Cuba continues clinical trials of vaccine against Covid-19

Cuba on Thursday continues the clinical trials on the vaccine candidate against Covid-19, known as Soberana 01 (Sovereign 01), with a second group of 20 volunteers aged 60 to 80

Cuba reports 88 COVID-19 cases and two deaths in the last 24 hours

Over the last 24 hours, Cuba reached two somber milestones in its fight against the Coronavirus

Three deaths, 61 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours

Cuban Ministry of Public Health informed Wednesday that three people died in Cuba due to COVID-19 and that 61 people tested positive for the disease in that last 24 hours.

Cuba reports 59 new COVID-19 cases

The National Director of Epidemiology of the Cuban Public Health Ministry, Dr. Francisco Duran Garcia, said that 59 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the island over the last 24 hours.

Cuba: Five hundred fifty patients hospitalized with Covid-19

Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemiology for the Ministry of Public Health, reported that 60 new patients were diagnosed with the disease in the last 24 hours, which brings the total number of confirmed cases in this country to 3,866.

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