Cuba Bets on Open Source Platforms for Technological Independence

Cuban Deputy Minister of Informatics and Communications Boris Moreno said that Cuba is moving towards open source platforms to counteract Washington’s economic blockade

Havana Hosts International Conference on Information

Participants in the Eleventh International Conference on Information (INFO), which began on Monday in Havana, are analyzing Cuba’s experiences on Internet access

Heavy Rains Cut Road Access to Towns in Eastern Cuba

Heavy rains that lasted some 20 hours caused rivers to burst their banks and cut road communications among the towns scattered throughout the coast in Eastern Cuba, an unprecedented event according to locals

PAHO Extols Cuba’s Performance in Health and Safety at Work

Doctor Julietta Rodriguez, a consultant with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), praised in this capital the work carried out by Cuba with regard to the primary heath care provided to workers

Cuban Professor of Medicine Awarded Brazilian Distinction

Brazil’s Dr. Arthur Dominguez Pinto Distinction of Scientific Merit was awarded to Jose Emilio Fernandez Brito, Professor Emeritus with the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana and permanent member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences

Cuba to Host First Int’l Congress of ELAM Graduates

The first International Congress of Graduates from Havana’s Latin American Medical School will take placeApril 20-25 in Santiago de Cuba with doctors from around 20 countries expected to participate

Endocrinology Congresses Inaugurated in Havana

The 7th Congress of Endocrinology and the 3rd Congress of Pediatric Endocrinology were inaugurated on Wednesday morning, and will run until Friday at Havana’s Convention Center

US Hospitals Still Facing Infections

The US hospitals are still showing very high figures of deaths by infections after surgeries, reported The New York Times daily. According to the Medical Insurance and Quality Investigation Bureau so far in 2009 deceases associated to blood infections increased in 8 percent and 4 percent in patients with catheter already operated

More than 370,000 Cubans Immunized so far against the A H1N1 Virus

A total of 373,438 Cubans have so far been immunized against the pandemic A H1N1 virus, which represents 33.3% of the over one million citizens who will receive this vaccine on the island

Cuba Exhibits Clean Sheet on Under-5 Children Deaths due to Diabetes

The President of the Children Endocrinology Society, Frank Carvajal, stated that for over two decades no deaths due to diabetes among Cuban children of five years of age or less have been reported

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