Cuban Medical Brigade gets ready for Mission in the Caribbean

The Cuban medical brigade that will carry out genetic studies in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is getting ready for this task

Cuba Strives to Protect the Ozone Layer

Cuban authorities are determined to strengthen a nationwide program to eliminate ozone-depleting substances by modifying or replacing equipments using those gases

Exhibition on Charles Darwin in eastern Santiago de Cuba Province

The theory of evolution of Charles Darwin and the influence of his thinking on today’s scientific advances is reflected by the "Darwin Now" travelling exhibition, inaugurated on Thursday in this city

Debate on Independence and New Technologies in Cuba

To the nexus between integration, independence and converging technologies, will be dedicated the XIV International Convention and Fair Informática 2011, announced this Wednesday Tuesday in this capital Jorge Luis Perdomo, Cuban deputy Minister of Informatics and Communications

Cuba Produces Ozone-Friendly Medicines

Cuba produces salbutamol and fluticasone for people suffering from asthma and other acute respiratory diseases without the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), substances that cause ozone depletion

Cuba Implements Program to Fight Effects of Climate Change

Cuba began to implement a comprehensive program to face the consequences of climate change, mainly regarding the mitigation and adaptation to its negative effects caused by the developed world’s consumerism

Plundering Actions against Endangered Species in Central Cuba Reported

The recent report on the finding of the remains of three manatees in the area between Cayo Fragoso, and Nazábal Bay, with traces of cuts performed with sharp objects, confirm how there are still people who plunder this endangered species

Caribbean Medical Association Congress Announced in Havana

"Health: the Main Human Right" is the slogan of the 15th International Congress of the Caribbean Medical Association (AMECA), to be held in Havana on April 28-30, 2010

4.4 Earthquake Shakes Santiago de Cuba

An 4.4 earthquake in the Richter scale was felt at 7.09 AM this Thursday in most of the eastern part of Cuba

Southern Stingray Caught and Exhibited in Cuba

A team of divers from the Cuban National Aquarium caught in the waters north to this entity at a 18 meter depth a 3 foot long Southern Stingray

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