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Cuba attends Ibero-American Cooperation Meeting

Ana Teresita Gonzalez, Cuba First Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX), participated in the 3rd Meeting of National Coordinators and Cooperation Officers of Ibero-America

Three Cuban medical brigades travel to Africa to tackle COVID-19

Eugenio Martinez, director general of Latin America and the Caribbean at the foreign ministry, said on Twitter that a group of Cuban professionals travelled to the African continent to contribute to the fight against COVID 19

Cuba reports 8 new cases for COVID 19, calling for individual and collective responsibility

Cuba studied 2,690 samples, resulting in eight positive ones. The country totals 178,062 samples and 2,361 positives (1.3%)

Over 4,000 Cubans stranded by COVID-19 abroad are already at home

A total of 4,365 Cubans stranded by COVID-19 in 46 countries have returned to Cuba since March 22, according to Ernesto Soberon, director general of consular affairs and Cuban residents abroad at the foreign ministry

Barbadian PM Exchanges with members of the Henry Reeve contingent

Mia Amor Mottley, Barbados prime minister, made a private visit to the Henry Reeve Brigade nurses contingent, which has served that country for three months, in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic

Cuba reiterates policy of Zero Tolerance to human trafficking

Cuba continues with its policy of "Zero Tolerance" for any form of human trafficking and continues implementing the National Plan of Action, with the aim of preventing and confronting this scourge, which mainly affects women and girls

Cuban scientific research center presents new studies on COVID-19

Specialists from the Civil Defense Scientific Research Center have presented results of some new studies on COVID-19 in the country, which could mean significant benefits for the monitoring of the disease

Cuba reports 5 new cases for COVID 19, Havana to enter phase 1 of recovery

Cuba studied 2,309 samples, resulting in 5 positive ones. The country accumulated 175,372 samples and 2,353 are positive (1.3%)

Cuba reports seven new COVID-19 positive cases

Cuba studied 2,272 samples for COVID-19, resulting in seven positives. The country accumulates 173,063 samples and 2,348 positives (1.4%)

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