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Solidarity in U.K. with Congresswomen attacked by Trump

2019-07-17 10:49:50 / PL

Solidarity in U.K. with Congresswomen attacked by Trump

The British organization Hope not Hate called today to stand in solidarity with the Democratic congresswomen who are the object of a racist attack by US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is racist - we all know that. Now he attacks colored congresswomen, telling them to return 'to their home countries', affirms the activist group, while inviting the public to sign an open letter in solidarity with the four American legislators.

In the text, Hope not Hate, which is dedicated to campaign against racism and fascism, conveys to Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Presley and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez their disgust for the Tweets of the president, who on Sunday invited them 'To return to their countries completely broken and plagued with crimes from where they came'.

His obvious and shameless racism has horrified the entire world, says the organization, after ensuring that the four congressmen of foreign descent are the best example of the diversity and strength of the United States people.

Thank you for showing the world that the United States can still teach a leader to be proud, even though the White House renounced that role, the text adds.

The day before, the leader of the opposition British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, also called Trump's tweets racist, and also criticized the two candidates for replacing the resigning Prime Minister Theresa May for not daring to use that term to describe the behavior of the North American leader.

In a televised debate earlier this week, both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt agreed that Trump's comments were inappropriate, but refused to label them as racist.

According to Corbyn, the future head of government of the United Kingdom, whose name will be known next Wednesday, must confront the US president, and not be complacent with him, in exchange for signing an advantageous commercial treaty that could put the system at risk.

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