Southern Stingray Caught and Exhibited in Cuba

2010.02.10 - 18:00:49 /

HAVANA, Cuba. -
A team of divers from the Cuban National Aquarium caught in the waters north to this entity at a 18 meter depth a 3 foot long Southern Stingray.


After a training and adaptation process, the fish is in good health, as its eating of fish pieces fed at it shows, and now swims in the 7th pond, reported to ACN specialists from this facility.


Its scientific name is Dasyatis americana and it is also known as Atlantic southern stingray, kit, stingaree, or stingray. It is a species that tolerates a wide range of temperature and salinity, feeds with large invertebrate and small fishes, mainly at night.


Duirng day time, the Southern stingray remains almost fully buried under the sand, though it can be found in muddy seabed as well.


The tip of its tail is poisonous and it uses to defend itself. It can reach 10 feet in length and 6 in with, and its face is small. The side is of dark brown color, lighter in the young ones, and inhabits mainly tropical and subtropical seas.


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