Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

2017-10-12 11:02:42 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

A month ago, more than 35 thousands families from Camagüey woke up with the news of the total or partial collapse of their houses or roofs, as a consequence of the passage of the hurricane Irma.

In the Moscow community rural, very close to the Brazil sugar refinery in the Esmeralda municipality, lives Mayelín González.

“It was terrible, painful losing the house, although we were protected, we were evacuated before the danger and now I already have a new house, they are the results of the recovery”.

Mayelín could see how her house was built, in the same place where Irma destroyed it.

“It was made with the local resources, boards of palm and wood from the trees collapsed by the winds; but now with better conditions and even with electric service. This is a much better house than the one I had before, the board of palm is very lasting and the roof is with cement tiles”.
Mayelín does not work; however, the Cuban State’s protection has not missed to her.

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

“The house was built by the brigades of workers that have been formed of the Forest Enterprise, the Sugar Enterprise and the farming cooperatives to help all the neighbors; and the authorities of the municipality, of the Party, the delegate of the Popular Power visit me daily, all of them worried for the situation of the family”.
In another coastal settlement from the north of Camagüey province, in Santa Lucía beach, lives Jesús Dulce, who did not abandon his workplace during the night of September 8th.

“I am the Head of the Telecommunication Center in this zone of Santa Lucía, which also covers the communities of Camalote and San Miguel. The communications had to be guaranteed; my family was evacuated and I was in my workplace”.

“Although the radial proposal can be download here directly from our channel in Ivoox: we protected the house, the winds were very strong and they took away the entire roof; but we already are in the recovery plan and meanwhile we continue evacuated in a friend’s house”.

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

In the rural community of Palma City, from the Esmeralda municipality, the teacher Kenia Almanza del Risco, lost the house and the school, but in a temporal facility today she shares classroom and roof.

“We were evacuated before the danger of the cyclone, which took away the house, a total collapse; the same as part of the roof of the Antonio Sánchez Díaz school, where I work”.

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

“We made a hanging, in a part of the house; my husband with the help of the neighbors prepared the conditions and in seven days I was with my students, giving the lessons, because the program of studies cannot be delayed”.

“At the present time a brigade of farmers from the Guáimaro municipality is building my new house; and we recovered the school’s tiles of mud, for fixing a part of the roof, because they have a patrimonial value; and the rest with tiles of cement; but the attention has not missed to any child, we, all the teachers, are giving the lessons in alternative locals”.

“We have felt protected, accompanied, nothing have missed to us, food or medicine; everyone were really worried for taking care of us”.
Now the houses from Palma City look sad, affirm Kirenia, but she also ensures, “in a month the little houses will be happy, painted, more beautiful and better than before”.

Stories of families from Camagüey behind Irma

Stories such as the ones of Mayelin, Jesús and Kirenia have a common denominator in Camagüey, no family left abandoned, their houses are being rebuilt and they receive the basic services, through a wide movement of cooperation and integration of forces and means that raise everything what was destroyed by the hurricane Irma”.

By: Miozotis Fabelo Pinares

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