Teams for Price Control Created in Pinar del Rio

2019-08-21 10:13:32 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Teams for Price Control Created in Pinar del Rio

“These groups are made up of local specialists of the related Surveillance Price headquarters (DIS), the National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI), the Trade Business group and the State Traffic center.” Vladimir Puebla Gutiérrez, who is the assistant director of the investments and prices department of the local provincial Finances and Prices headquarters, said to Tele Pinar station.

He highlighted that the population must know the details about any denunciation that should have enough elements to identify each violation in order to provide a quick response for the citizens from Pinar del Río province.

The aforementioned team is made up of experts of the DIS who will be the ones responsible for facing the non-enforcement of those fixed prices through the different and related activities.

Since the month of July, a series of related measures came into force and they stablish the limit for certain sectors of the non-state sector and the related study continues being carried out in that territory to include other products with especial emphasis in the agricultural activity.

The citizens from Pinar del Río province are feeling pleased about the cost control as it was confirmed to the ACN news agency by Zenia Mendoza who is a citizen that used to see the disproportionate incomes gained by the self-employed workers in the food sector, especially the one selling drinks in spite of it is understandable need for profits. However, it should be without exaggeration.

Now the there is a reasonable limit. They are favored and also the working population that will not be have affected its pocket after attending one of those places. She pointed out smiling while thanking the approval of the salary increase in the state-run sector in spite of the difficult economic period the nation is going through due to the intensification of the economic blockade imposed by the United States of America on Cuba.

“I think these things reinforce our local commitment with the Cuban Revolution and the duty about working hard to advance united by ourselves by thinking as a nation.” She said.

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