The Allegedly Baseball Re-emerging in Santiago de Cuba

2017-06-09 10:11:19 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Allegedly Baseball Re-emerging in Santiago de Cuba

We have seen a final with the much better baseball lovers of all the fourth event of the National Under-23 Baseball Series, although many of us were anticipated it. Do you remember when Santiago de Cuba province won 13 out of its first 14 games in Abril?

It was then when its victories were not part of a proper beginning; taking into account that baseball team had not been defeated since June 29th with an 8-0 wining streak through the local play off stage.

However, this time that team remained defeated 4-0 in the Post-season and it has an 8-0 wining streak since 2016, besides, it scored 12 runs for twelve consecutives days for a second time in history and it had previously achieved 16-0 and 12-9 against Guantánamo squad from July 1st through 2nd.

It is abundantly obvious that the Santiago de Cuba squad has an interesting group of baseball players. However, the remaining question would be: Is this team capable to qualify into the 57th National Baseball Series? Ok, you all could take some time to answer it.

Ariel Pestano experiences a nightmare in his lucky team. The happiness for the victory was felt by Villa Clara squad in the fourth inning when Jesús Olivera scored a double that drew 5-5 the game. It was then when the pitcher Javier Mirabal has already felt tired by allowing two triples and a home run in the beginning of that inning and José Raúl had to replace him. Then, there were two hits, a hit by pitch and a sacrifice fly that ended the 6-5 draw with Ariel Pestano’s closing pitcher Eddy Howard Díaz.

With men on bases and two outs, there was a double steal of bases which caused the check of the related video when the catcher named Julio Miranda tried to catch Sergio Bartelemy who had distanced too much from the base, and then the play seemed to be an out one in my opinion. However, it was declared as a safe play and the inning continued.

In other words, it should not be leaving a breach and the pitcher Eddy Howard Díaz had a careful pitching performance, but he allowed two bases on balls (3-0 and 3-1) to complete the decisive performance. Then the player Lionard Kindelán took advantage of the foul play that fell between the players Olivera and Miranda and he scored a short fly towards the left center to achieve a 9-5 score.

The pitcher Javier Mirabal was a far cry from his best pitching control and after the pitcher Yosver Zulueta. Javier Mirabal was the best one left of the current couch Ariel Pestano, but his right pitcher could not have a proper pitching performance opening. However, he managed to control the defying first inning of that game with four hitters struck out and one of them got on base by a wild pitch.This was another record for the ongoing baseball season, after the six consecutive hitters struck out against Matanzas team.

This was the way that he struck out seven hitters in a row through the two first innings which was something that had never been seen before.

With eleven pitchers struck out, the pitcher Javier Mirabal struck out the second hitter and used five pitches only with the third and fourth hitters. He allowed two hits after two outs, and used a difficult slider ball throw-in on the corner side against the hitter Santiago Torres. The fifth inning had a different image through barely five pitching performances.

Hitter Dasiel Sevilla: scored a triple to the right field after a 2-1 related account.

Sequence: it was a right pitch (a strike one), a slider throw-in (a ball one).

Hitter Yoelquis Guilbert: scored a triple to the right field after a 0-0 related count.


Hitter Lionard Kindelán: scored a home run to the left center (over 325 feet) at a 0-0 count.
Sequence: it was a curb ball pitch.

Pitcher Javier Mirabal was batted his best pitching repertoire: an off-speed pitch and an outer slider ball pitch (Sevila), the right pitch (Guilbert) and a high curb ball and inside pitch (Kindelán).Moreover, there three consecutive hits which he had also allowed before some previous 281 hitters.

By the way, the home run scored by Kindelán Jr is the second allowed by the pitcher Javier Mirabal in his history (1042/3) and the first one since the local hitter Ernesto Valdés from Matanzas team, scored a homer at the Victoria de Girón Stadium on June 26th, 2016.

Has Lionard Kindelán a Proper Batting Power? ´Lio Kind, ´ as I have been calling him since long time ago, honored his last name that is the one from his father who was the best home run player of the Cuban revolutionary baseball and one of the best all-around hitters that could be on the home-plate.

Lionard Kindelán had a much better performance as expected by the baseball players from Santiago de Cuba squad from their fourth man at batting order through a game of two home runs on the decisive day, the 11 one in the regular season and 45 batted in which were regarded as a new record.

The batting power shown by hitter Lio Kind is intrinsic in spite of he has a lot to improve. Two of his home runs, one of them before a curb ball and the other ones was before a right throw-in while he was batting freely and had a slow, however, strong acceleration.

As for the best occasions of the players from Santiago de Cuba team, their 180 related appearances through 45 games will be pretty interesting to get to see up to what extent the hitter Lionard Kindelán could excel, taking into account, he could offer some of his batting power with that line-up that will be directed by his father for the first time.

The Villa Clara baseball squad did not pass. Ariel Pestano made his debut as a coach by directing his squad to the final stage of this competition which was something that could not be achieved by Vladimir Hernández and Roberto Rodríguez who achieved a 29-7 record which is the existing mark from the classifying stage and a year later. He had a 23-13 mark. Both the Havana baseball squad and the Artemisa one defeated the Villa Clara squad, while the couch Ariel Pestano, who achieved a 27-13, related result, after defeating the Matanzas team 2-0.

It is a meritorious result in spite of those aspects which should not be overlooked: Ariel Pestano, as a new coach in this current local tendency about coaches that were former players, had only a tendency that surprised me a lot: the insistence on stealing the third base and the excessive bunt in any situation of the game, whether winning or losing even an out on a scoring position, before or after the fifth inning.

These were some of the ordered bunts which really impressed me, which took place when that team was disputing its qualification and its final participation into the next stage of competition, however, his team was among the three historical extra-base hits, hits and runs scored by games.

The 29/5 result against Matanzas team: it was winning 3-0, sixth inning and an out, a bunt by Otoniel González. The result: there were not runs.

The 29/5 result against Matanzas: it was wining 3-0, the seventh inning without out, a bunt by Jesús Olivera. The result: there were not runs.

The 30/5 result against Matanzas team: the game was drew in the fourth inning without outs, a bunt carried out by Jesús Olivera and a run by the end of the inning.

Let’s hope that the new managers who were former players of this era use much more the statistics for the baseball tendencies which are being carried out by all players under their direction.

I am not against the bunts, taking into account, they are necessary in many situations of the game, but it is abundantly obvious there is something that we should not forget: a bunt should include the score of a run, and as a matter the fact, we saw it through sequences I brought to you.

In addition, let’s remember that an ordered bunt and an out would cause a minor chance to achieve a ground ball.

If you touch the ball, then you play for a run only, if you do not touch it, then there are nine players who could achieve a ground ball. I heard once something similar said by the player Joe Maddon, who was the winner of the World Baseball Series 2016 with the Chicago Cubs squad from the major league.

Metaphorically speaking, the curtains of the Cuban baseball have been closed again until the resumption of the 57th National Baseball Series on August 6 th. Therefore, we are hoping to get to see some interesting games carried out by Cuba at the Can-Am league and its game against the US squad.

However, Santiago de Cuba baseball squad is the current champion and the only one which has repeated this result that is a feat that deserves all the credit. So, Congratulation for the champions!

By Yirsandy Rodríguez Hernández

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