The Alzheimer Disease and the Way to face it

2017-10-16 09:08:58 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Alzheimer Disease and the Way to face it

With certain frequency, there have been journalistic works and items which are about the Alzheimer disease and its terrifying symptoms given it destroys the cognitive part of the brain, especially in older women to the extent that they do not recognize those ones who were their relatives and they lose all what identify them as human beings.

The pessimism that brings those comments or interviews carried out to specialists about that kind of dementia is so intense than those ones who read them, if they are older 65 years old, they get depressed and expect them not to be the ones suffering such hard disease; however, there is a new person with the Alzheimer´s disease every five minutes.

It is good to know that dementia means all degenerative and progressive brain syndrome that affects the memory, way of thinking, behavior and the person´s mood.

The Alzheimer is like a wolf that we have to face by being fearless: let´s remember that there are current diseases which had not any hope of being cured some 30 or 40 years ago, and they are being treated as chronic diseases thanks to the work carried out by scientists from all over the world at present, just like in the cases of the Aids, diabetic and some kind of cancer of which their negatives effects have been reduced through the discovery of medicines and the related equipment that also provide a higher quality of life of those people affected by them.

The Alzheimer Disease and the Way to face it

Why it is necessary to talk about the negative effects of that devastating disease? It should be fair and saying that there are some ways to delaying it and one of the education is one of the most renowned ones and the intellectual activity.

All human beings are not similar, let alone everybody reacts to the related treatments in the same way; hence, those people who are early diagnosed through many clinical tests, should be ready to face it.

The elderly people have in their brain the best ally to move away that terrible scourge from their lives and the key is precisely to keep active that organ: a group of scientists consider that there are a group of actions to make the brain to become powerful for thinking machine.

They consider that the variety and curiosity are the basic principles to keep a sharp mental health while people get older.
When all the human work become a deeply rooted one, then it should be time to make a change. The questions about our surrounding world will keep the brain working faster and more efficient.

If it was solved a puzzle even with the eyes closed, then it would be time for a new challenge to achieve a much better brain´s performance.

Other advice are about using the non-dominant hand, so if you are left-handed, then you should open the door using the right one and in the case you were right-handed, you should use the keys with the left hand. That simple task will make the brain to create some new connections and rethinking the way of carrying out the daily tasks. The clock should be worn on the opposite hand in order to remember the challenge about the change of tasks.

The Alzheimer Disease and the Way to face it

The brain also needs that people eat healthy fats: the ones from fish, salmon, dried fruits like nuts and oils like the olive oil one. It is usually advice to consume that kind of food and reducing the saturated fats and the related acids should be eliminated from the diet.

Finding something that could be highly desired and could be cheap and done at home easily, just like taking pictures with a digital camera, learning how to paint or playing a musical instrument, including practicing new styles of cooking and writing are all good options, as well as diversifying the readings a little bit and abandoning the themes which are family ones if they are usually read; besides, it would be convenient to change them for the history ones or a contemporary novel, including reading foreign writers and choosing other ones at random.

The brain not only would be benefited for having to work imagining other historic periods, cultures and people but also it would obtain interesting stories to be told to others which would make it to think and establishing the related connections between the modern life and words.

It should be added to those useful advice that the constant stress damages health, especially the immune system, so it is essential to have a quiet life and being surrounded by optimistic friends who could be willing to live the present, intensely.

By Teresa Valenzuela García

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