The Art of Beer Route Launched in Holguin

2010.08.10 - 17:44:36 /

HOLGUIN, CUBA.- The Cultural Route The Art of Beer was presented on Monday in the eastern province of Holguin before tour operators from Europe, America and the national media.


Alexis Triana, Culture office’s provincial director and main promoter of the initiative, told ACN, that the Route is conceived as a contest connecting 30 sites of the city that usually sell today’s most famous beers of the country Bucanero and Cristal, both brewed in Holguin’s Cervecería Bucanero S.A (CBSA).


The initiative seeks to pay homage to master beer brewers that brought the art of beer to the Caribbean and the Americas and to those who have kept it alive.


Participants in the Route will receive an ancient parchment-looking map and a leaflet with the instructions of the game and they have free entrance to some places like the Casa de la Musica, Casa de la Trova and the Salon Benny More included in the . The itinerary starts at the Loma de la Cruz hill and finishes at the Mirador de Mayabe lookout.


The first edition of the Route will take place a week before the Holguin’s carnival on August 19 and the jury of that popular party will also chose the winner of the contest.


The initiative was very well received by tour operators attending the launching. Among them, Yordi Figueredo, with the English agency The Holiday Place, said the Route brings tourism and culture together and expands the options for the visitors.


Figueredo assured that the idea links harmoniously the tourist interests of learning about the island and go into the thousand-year-old art of beer brewing, which is a distinguishing feature of Holguin.


German-technology CBSA was established in Holguin in the mid 1980s and at present it has a production capacity higher than 1.5 million hectoliters a year, which means, according to the company’s website, more than 450 million glass of Bucanero, Mayabe, Cristal and Cacique beers.


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