The Baseball Memories on Cuba versus the United States since 1992

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 The Baseball Memories on Cuba versus the United States since 1992

For many years, Cuba and the United States have had something in common and endless: their passion for baseball.

In addition, both baseball nations have perhaps been, since the origin of that game in the US soil and its later arrival in Cuba in the XIX century, persistent opponents through a healthy rivalry and sport pride. This is simply part of the idiosyncrasy of these different nations and cultures, especially in terms of always desiring to win in a really serious game that attracts huge crowds of people and create related passions in both nations.

Since 1987 and the beginning of the annual baseball tournaments between Cuba and the United States, it was somehow possible to come to fruition the perfect scenery to compete and making the baseball lovers to enjoy it.

It has been the representation of the Revolutionary baseball through its main baseball team by competing against U.S. baseball teams which are filled of high-performance prospects each year, so there have been many ones who have reached the major leagues and that is why these friendly games have always been featured by a remarkable baseball quality.

Taking into account the importance of al those baseball memories about the endless baseball challenge between Cuba and the United States, I am leaving you in here five related and unforgettable memories from the baseball series from the year 1992:

Victor Mesa scores three homers in a game on June 30 th.

In the first game of the tournament carried out between Cuba and the United States in Holguín province in 1992, Víctor Mesa achieved a great play that it is not really watched in baseball. His three homeruns helped Cuba to win 16-1 in a game where player, Michael Tacker, scored a home run that shutout.

Cuba achieved the most incredible game ever watched.

Cuba scored 17 runs against the United States on July 2 nd, 1992, along with the support of 17 hits, 7 extra bases of which there are four doubles and three home runs.

Since the very beginning of the game when the Cuban players scored five runs in the first inning, the game seems to be decided. Moreover, there was a fly ball hit by Lourdes Gurriel and a double by José Raúl Delgado that completed their performance with four hits and a favorable error Steve Rodríguez. Cuba scored five runs in the fourth inning and other six runs in the eighth inning and the three last ones were scored by Víctor Mesa through a home run against the relief pitcher Tim Davis.

The 1990 decade as a period of great baseball offensive.

In 1996, we experienced the worst prove about having played too many years using the aluminum bat: Six hitters led by the .421 of Luis Ulacia. They hit over the .400 average and that shows that we were in a distant era to the reality we lived some years later when the wooden bat was used again.

There were 13 games played in the 1990 decade out of 14 ones carried out by Cuba and the United States where there were 10 runs or more ones. It was remembered as the golden decade for the local batting department. It was only on June 4th, 2015 when the United States defeated 11-1 Cuba and the then winning team of a team scored ten or more runs.

Cuba experienced another great baseball performance in 1992.

At the beginning of the 1990 decade, the Cuban national baseball series were useful for the local high-rank baseball players of the national teams. There was then a local baseball with a high quality where Cuba had not rival.

In that period of time, Cuba won the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta in 1996 by achieving great baseball performances for its history. However, there were some feats carried out inside and outside the Cuban baseball field. Who could forget the four home runs scored by Omar Linares against Japan in Atlanta? Who could forget the 55 stolen bases achieved by Enrique Díaz in 1992 or the 27 home runs scored by the local player Lázaron Junco?

It was perfect time to be enjoyed. The stolen base record achieved by the local baseball player known as ´Enriquito Díaz´ is still in effect and even though the home runs scored by Lázaro Junco were then surpassed by Alfredo Despaigne in 2012, it is pleasant to remember that occasion. Those 27 home runs were scored by him through 248 PA and there were four fewer than all the ones scored by the Sancti Spíritus team at the 32nd National Baseball Series, during 2497 PA.

 The Baseball Memories on Cuba versus the United States since 1992

The US team achieved the first shutout in Cuba

The Rick Helling, Darren Dreiford and Jeff Grargen was the trio of pitchers who limited Cuba to three hits only and none of them after having batted Lázaro Vargas in the fourth inning with two outs and according to the baseball scored documents. They are true baseball wonders from the great and former narrator and commenter from Radio Rebelde station: My colleague and friend Ramón Piti Rivera.

Cuba batted 13-0 from the fifth inning to the ninth one with two men on base: Luis Ulacia by error in the fifth inning and Vargas through base on ball in the beginning of the seventh inning.

Out of the 13 games in the local history, Cuba has the best 7-6 record and even though it did not gain a game through that via in the United States since July 7th, 1992.

Cuba and the United States inaugurated their sixth annual Friendly Baseball Series. The sixth one since that event was resumed in 2012 when Cuba was leading 43-34 since 1987 in the baseball field that is being much more played for the action than for the pride felt after winning a mere game on the field.

By Yirsandy Rodríguez Hernández

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