The Compulsosy Food Innocuousness Process for All

2017-07-06 06:08:52 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Compulsosy Food Innocuousness Process for All

On February 28th of the current year, there were three polices approved where one of them was about the improvement of the Minister Council and the other one was about the Quality and Certification and the third one was about the food innocuousness, respectively.

René Fernández Infante, who is the director of the National office, pointed out that there is a new related work which contains up to 4891 norms and 606 of them are planned to be used in the local food sector, besides, there are 60 compulsory ones of them not only for the different state-run options but also for the private ones.

The expert, René Fernández Infante and the local population, also admit the still lack of daily action about the food’s innocuousness not only in the state-run sector but also in the private one. Both policies show the need about teaching those in charge for fulfilling their work through the different category of food available.

“To achieve high-quality food, it should be avoided the pollution or having certain proper conditions for their storage, refrigeration, transportation and even a proper handling of them, finally. The related diagnostics, conducted already, proved the still lack of discipline shown by some individuals not only the self-employed ones but also those state centers which were offering their gastronomic services as they combined the elaborated food with other raw ones. The food was near the garbage area or they were even collecting the money with the same hand used to make food, among other indiscipline.”He said.

“There is an approach about the value of the food which comes from the agriculture and is taken through different processes until the human consumption, which should be controlled by each responsible, including the related authorities.” He said.

René Fernández stated that those individuals who elaborate food should have a minimum of related knowledge. There are two Cuban norms of an essential importance: the 143 that establishes the general hygiene requirements and it is one of the most violated ones through the presence of pets, non proper or clean coffee shops, among other non proper realities.

”Even though the two related policies are improving some aspects of the metroilogics, the food’s quality and innocuousness, the authorized people to handle them should apply good related actions such as washing their hands, brushing their snails with running water and using gloves. Besides, it has to be rejected some non proper personal behaviors that are watched inside the gastronomic centers and private ones such as smoking, sneezing and even coughing without protection. The norms exist and fulfilling them is the pending task.” He stated.

MSc. Guillermo Castro Pérez, who is the director of the Organization and Corporation System (CIMEX), pointed out that his organization has some related tools for the protection of the consumers as past of the new policies recently approved, besides, there are processes for the verification of prices, along with decision about providing a local phone number for 24 hours by which the clients could communicate easily or expressing their complains (080000724). There have been 2826 calls (81.6%), since its implementation in February of the current year.

MSc. Guillermo Castro Pérez admitted the structured created by CIMEX to verify the quality, related normalization and the innocuousness of Food is still insufficient in spite of that work has been applied through all levels.

That corporation has 36 enterprises, 19 of them are used for the Retail Trade and it has 113 Basic Economic centers and 1563 shops, 661 servistations, 472 gastronomic centers and 40 Photo services centers. The 70 % of those local enterprises works under the local Certificates Proper Administrative System.

The CIMEX enterprise has an annual program for the renewal and repair of scales which secure the vitality of the services for the population. It imports over a million dollars and that represents around a million and eight hundred ones and 60 % of them is for that Corporation, 10 % for the TRD CARIBE and 30 % of it for the clients.

The plan of investment of the CIMEX for the supplying of the Metrologics has rised up to 4 million and 305 thousand CUC (local strong currency). Moreover, 600.000 CUC are used for the maintenance and repair activities and this organization has established that all its centers, where their fresh and frozen products are being sold, have their scales.

Nora Márquez Cruz, who is the chief of the local Gastronomic group, highlighted that the CIMEX enterprise has 14 groups of food elaboration and Check-Pack, along with the related meat production lines, bakery, candy store and lunch, 4 ice cream centers, 3 centers using the Bim Bom brand and another one using the Colobrí brand, apart from 9 Doñaneli bakeries and candy stores.

The center with a higher capacity of production is located in Camagüey province and in Boyeros in Havana city. It was created under the principles of the Cuban health norms system which established the proper requirements for storage, handling, elaboration and food supplying by fulfilling the principle about combining them without being polluted.

There is around 18 to 20 tons of rationed chicken which means some 18.000 bags used in Havana, Artemisa and Mayabeque territories. The weighing and labeling of the bags is carried out with labeled scales which carry out two works automatically where it is reflected the product’s net weight, the price of the sale, the packing date and the expiry date.

To guarantee the innocuousness of Food, the CIMEX Corporation is carrying out a systematic work of control, demand and training in relation to the fulfilling of all the related measures, actions and working behavior of its staff which are part of all the food-elaboration process. It is also controlled the workers’ health, the food handling and control of temperature, among other parameters.

The CIMEX corporation invests a millionaire budget to guarantee the food’s innocuousness where there are aspects being controlled such as the water analysis, health uniforms, cleaning and disinfection materials, fumigation for the plagues control, equipments to guarantee the food’s freeze temperatures and related means for protection.

By Hilia Tamayo Batista

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