The Five and the dignity of living without having price

2018-09-18 10:54:29 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

The Five and the dignity of living without having price

Since September 12th of 1998, when they were captured in the American territory, the Five Cubans became target of a campaign that showed them as agents who infringed against the American national security; when in real fact they infiltrated themselves in the terrorist groups that with total impunity have operated from the south of Florida. The objective of the Five was to neutralize their criminal plans.

We, millions of people in Cuba and in United States, owe the life to the altruism and the courage of the Five Cubans. However, in Miami, the longest trial of the American history concluded with the quickest verdict.

In June 8th of 2001, five fighters against the terrorism received in United States an unfair verdict of culpability, after a rigged and long trial in Miami, the city which never they have been judged.

Months later, the injustice was committed in the brutal condemns that were imposed to them: Gerardo Hernández was sentenced to two perpetual chains, plus 15 years; Ramón Labañino to a perpetual chain plus 18 years; Fernando González, to 19 years in prison; René González, to 15 years, and Antonio Guerrero, to a perpetual chain, plus 10 years.

The Five and the dignity of living without having price

The case of the Five Cubans condemned in United States for fighting the terrorism was kidnapped by the conspiracy of the government of the Northern country with the local press media of Miami, to sanction, beforehand, the defendants and make impossible a fair judgment.

The conspiracy consisted in using the communication media to cause propaganda campaign of hostility with no precedents. With the perverse aim, a large group of alleged “journalists”, truly agents hidden by the government were used, who published innumerable articles until producing a storm of hate and disinformation.

During the trial, the defense denounced several times that they sought to influence over the members of the jury, spreading of materials that the own judge had forbidden to present, which only could be delivered by the District Attorney’s office.

In August of 2005, the three judges of the Atlanta Court of Appeals unanimously decided to declare null the trial of Miami because it was made under what they described as “a perfect storm of prejudice and hostility”, precisely created by the local media.

But, when the sentence was dictated the three judges of Atlanta did not know that the responsible of that “perfect storm” was the District Attorney’s office. The first new of the conspiracy of the government with its paid “journalists” emerged a year later, in September of 2006.

The supposed press professionals twisted the facts, showing the defendants as threats for the American society.

What the Cuban five and their lawyers did not know during the trial, was that Washington was paying in secret journalists from Miami, who at the same time as the government made its accusation; they saturated the media from Miami with reports that were highly provocative and harmful for the Cuban Five.

In June 8th of 2001, with the pleasure of the anti-Cuban groups settled in Florida, the Five were punished to excessive condemns without witnesses or proofs of the charges they were imputed.

The Five and the dignity of living without having price

The reality showed that against the brave men that daily used to put in risk their lives to discover and inform the terrorist plans organized since the United States, the hate of those who for decades have tried to destroy the Cuban Revolution was spilled.

The Five were political prisoners, victims of the merciless propaganda against Cuba, generated by their own accusers, the government of the United States.
During years of unfair confinement, disinformation, concealment and the silence of the press media adverse to Cuba were the principal obstacles that the anti-terrorist fighters had to face. But as it was sentenced by Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, a jury of millions made justice and an immense wave of solidarity travelled the world, demanding the freeing of the Five.

First René and Fernando arrived to Cuba, after fulfilling entirely their unfair condemns. And in December 17th of 2014, an unforgettable date for the Cuban people, the light was made by the arrival of Gerardo, Antonio and Ramón after 16 years of unfair imprisonment. How much dignity, how much courage, what lesson of resistance!

All people welcomed them, together with Fernando and René, who in the latest times, from an incomplete liberty due to the absence of their brothers, gave everything before the international public opinion, joining forces together with the groups of solidarity in hundreds of the nations in the world, fighting with the truth of the arguments.

Today the Five are together with their people, with their unquestionable nobility, to build new dreams in a country that has survive adversities of all kinds, also thanks to men and women brave like them.

The Five came back with an upright forehead, with the pride of being part of this land and above all, with the deep conviction that the Cuban Revolution never abandons its children.

By: Angélica Paredes López

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