The Intensification of Anti-Immigrant Policies in the World

2017-02-18 14:49:40 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Intensification of Anti-Immigrant Policies in the World

The anti-immigrant policies is an issue with antecedents. However, they have intensified and it is impossible to live far from the knowledge about what it is happening in the world, so it is necessary to get to know and taking a stand before that increasing phenomenon.

The new chapters are the cruelest and the most xenophobic ones not only in Europe but also in other regions.

The measures taken by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, are an example of it, as well as the recent agreements taken by the European Union about the Baltic zone, not to mention the actions taken by the president from Argentina, Mauricio Macri, who signed some orders against the immigration.

According to some experts, Macri desires to compare the immigration with crime and even creating a stereotype in which each migrant would be a suspicious criminal. It is true that any nation has the right to expel a foreigner who could comity a crime in their territory. However, it should not be used the pretext about human rights to violate human rights and taking advantage of the migrants when it was convenient, only.

In the case of Europe, there are some numbers that cannot be omitted given there were over 5000 people who died in the Mediterranean Sea while they were trying to cross the north part of Africa towards Europe. It was until October 2016 when there were more than 300.000 people.

Nevertheless, there is another significant information which shows that there were one immigrant out of 88 ones, who died when got there. This has been the way that has continued been opened given the regional transit area, which used to be used last year, was controlled through the payment of up to $ 6000 million dollars for the creation of camps for refugees in that nation.

In a recent meeting, which was held by the Head of States of the European Union, they agreed to do something similar in Libya that is a nation that is subjected to the highest political instability. They want to turn Libya into a containment soil and agreed the construction of camps for refugees.

This is the highest migratory crisis in Europe after the Second World War, according to some analysts.

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Translated by JC Caballero

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