The mission of Jose Martiís disciples is to save the Revolutionís work

2013.02.13 - 08:30:32 / / Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego Sea

The mission of Jose Martiís disciples is to save the Revolutionís workHavana, Cuba. – “The systemic crisis that’s shaking most countries and peoples of the world reminds us of Jose Marti’s life and deeds. He repeatedly stressed the need for world balance and particularly for unity in The Antilles." Dr. Ana Sanchez-Collazo, director of the Studies Center on Jose Marti (CEM), told this to “Cubarte Journal” when convening the III International Conference on World Balance. The event will be held in the Cuban capital in the next few days. It is part of the celebrations all over the island and many Latin American countries on the occasion of Jose Marti’s 160th birthday.”

Next, she recalled “… the letter to his Mexican brother Manuel Mercado, where he said that Cuba’s independence would prevent US unrestrained force from falling upon our American lands. He also told him that Cuban Revolutionary Party was founded to achieve the independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico. He advocated the need to achieve unity in The Antilles, as a retaining wall against the giant that was already emerging as imperial power. Thus he told America and the world in his writings."

Many of us know Dr. Sanchez-Collazo’s special charisma as executive, scholar and, most of all, as a Cuban woman committed to “my Homeland and Revolution.” She doesn’t overlook the fact that “Latin America peoples are living a crucial moment, mostly because we have proved that we are no longer US imperialism’s backyard. Nowadays, when Europe falls apart because of the economic crisis it is undergoing, many Latin American economies have managed to increase their GDPs. Such are the cases of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, etc. This shows Latin American potentiality in all spheres of life, a potentiality where Marti’s and Simon Bolivar’s ideas are ever present."

She commented on the times of change in all spheres of life that our country is undergoing and remembered Marti, “who advocated balance between “the being” and “the duty to be”, based on knowledge and feeling, on knowledge and emotion. The changes in our country must be implemented in a balanced way, gradually and without fear. We must save, above all, the huge work of our Revolution. We must make our youth feel and vibrate with the Revolution, but they should do it as a result of their own beliefs, not of false slogans or actions that ooze formalism.”

"Therefore - she repeated - this is high time to achieve balance between “the being” and “the duty to be”, based on knowledge and feelings. It must be achieved with truth and because of the overriding need to convey to our youth - our New Pine Trees - the values and wealth of our Culture. Marti worded it like this, "The happiest nation is the one that provides best education for its children, both in tuition and feelings.”

Likewise, a new era has dawned in Latin American history, but we still have a long way to go. As Marti rightfully said, “Bolivar still has much to do in America. Latin American leaders like Fidel, Raul and Hugo Chavez still have much to do in Latin America."

Finally, the Director of CEM stressed, “We live in times of dialogue, not monologues. We must know how to listen, not for the sake of winning, but to convince. This is high time for Cuba to seek balance, to save the Revolution’s work and do it out of true commitment, with Cubanhood and dignity, of the kind that stems from the bottom of the heart. Such will be the best tribute to the Apostle of our Independence in his 160th birthday and at all times of our lives. Those are moments inspired by Marti, when “only reaches the soul what comes from the soul". Marti must be studied in depth to get to know him, but you need to feel him to be his disciple, to try being like him." By Astrid Barnet

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