The moon’s secrets that fascinate everyone

2017-09-01 09:36:52 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

The moon secrets that fascinate everyone

There are nature’s phenomena that are studied in detail by the Science; however, not due to it they leave behind them certainties and doubts that are transmitted from one generation to the other and they become legends.

This is the case of the Moon’s phases; although it is scientifically proved that they have an influence in the people’s mood, they alter the vitality, the intellectual capacity and the sensitivity, maybe some ones still doubt about those truths.

“The Moon fascinates us, hung up in the sky. Because of that, magical and mysterious powers are attributed to it, such as turning up a man in a wolf or making the hair to grow faster. But beyond the myths, the Earth’s satellite is verily unique and really exerts an extraordinary influence over the Planet.

The tide’s orchestration, its role in the beginning of the land’s life and how it marks the rhythm and even the world’s stability are some of the Moon’s amazing real powers”- according to what was affirmed concerning the theme in a fragment from a journalist work published in the web site of the BBC-.

In line with what the experts affirm, the Moon travels thirteen times around the Earth during a year, it means that thirteen lunations are produced. Each one lasts around 29 days and they are divided into four stages called phases.

The new moon period is of a great energy. A strong desire of initiating something, but without knowing what really is, it is felt. It is possible that people could feel disturbed in this phase of the Moon, that is why it is convenient neither taking any kind of important decision nor assuming responsibilities or activities of importance during the three first days of this phase.

The things you are interested in starting could be planned and meditated during the next 28 days. Also the discussions have to be avoided, it is advisable stay calmed and do not make activities that need a lot of attention or personal performance.

The moon secrets that fascinate everyone

During this period it is recommended beginning diets for losing weight. The fasting is prudent in this Moon’s phase as it is suggested in “The Moon’s diet”; besides if the hair is cut in this phase it will grow up faster and shaving is not recommended during the new moon because the hair is going to arise faster.

It is a suitable time for fertilizing and plowing the ground, the best thing for the sowing of lawn if it is accompanied with a rainy time. It is the greatest time for cleaning the body.

It is the right phase for accumulating energy. There is only a new moon in a month and its effects have influence in a major extent a day before and another after.

Another phase of interest is the waxing moon. The body presents a natural disposition to absorbing everything in a major quantity or faster. The intelligence become clearer, it is here when the success or the good end of the initiated thing in the previous period depends of our effort.

In these days we are more objective; there is a good faith for the productivity and acceleration of the daily works. The first quarter favors the sign of contracts, the exposition of thesis, doing public relationships and reorganizing the businesses.

In the begun activities, new things or some difficulties could emerge. In this phase the fluids ascend, generating the growing of what they find in their way that is why it is a correct phase for the development. The waxing Moon is proper for introducing changes in old habits, ways of thinking, behaving or feeling.

The plants grow quickly when they are fertilized and cared in this phase. It is also favorable to plant any variety of flowers. It is good for promoting the growing of the hair, because of that, it is recommended to cut the hair or the ends.

This phase stays around 13 days per month.

The full moon’s effects are extended a day before and another after; its point of maximum growing gives moments of fulfillment and agitation. Everything that was planned and meditated during the New Moon and made during the Waxing Moon will arrive to its maximum development; it is in this cycle when the result of what we sowed and cared with love and dedication is seen. The persons become more receptive and the social relations more favorable.

The moon secrets that fascinate everyone

During this phase it is not a good moment for trying surgeries, because the risk of hemorrhages is bigger. The full moon’s day is usually marked by a great movement, agitation, happiness and expansion of the masses in general. It will favor the communication of the ideas and the beginning of all the projects.

The full moon favors the lovers due to it acts like an aphrodisiac and invites to loving. It is an optimum period for realizing any kind of hair medical or beauty treatment such as tinctures and permanent hair.

The waning one is the indicated for the meditation of the projects and actions begun. It represents a final stage and at the same time the moment to preparing for a new cycle of experiences. It is time for ending with the details and the loose ends. It is the optimum moment to having the experience of taking the path to the inner growing and to reject all what could mean an obstacle in the evolutionary process.

The waning moon is good for resting, relaxing and beginning to enjoy the changes and events. The plans that are already guided must be concluded; on the contrary, there is danger of dispersion and lack of definition. This period is also ideal for making the fasting of the “moon’s diet” due to the organism will resist better and help you maintaining yourself with the desired weight.

It is also a fantastic period for beginning any kind of medical treatment, for cleaning or depuration like the care of the skin, not regarding to the daily cleanliness or the use of creams, but the care of a skin with problems such as the acne, impurities, spots and others similar, because almost never marks survive during the waning moon, for instance the use of special facial masks.

The moon’s secrets that fascinate everyone

When the hair is cut in this phase, it grows up slowly, thicker and with the stronger root. It is ideal for shaving, because it will retard the hair’s growing and simultaneously it will weak itself. If you want to move any plant or exterminate insects, this moon phase is the correct one, it stays around 13 days.

True or not the mentioned affirmations, here is the moon for gazing it; sometimes discrete, others splendorous, with its secrets which fascinate to everyone.

By: Teresa Valenzuela García


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