The Revival of the Railway in Camagüey

2017-07-29 10:38:17 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Revival of the Railway in Camagüey

Camagüey city, which has a wide railway tradition dating back from Abril 1846 when the first section of the railway was concluded, is gradually recovering the heritage values and related services that gave it some a previous magnificence.

The railway station continue operational after a long refurbish and maintenance process of its facilities, along with an approximate cost of $ 8 million Pesos currency.

As part of the 26 July program, it was delivered officially the work that includes the travelers of national trains.

Gilberto Baró, who is the principal of the Central-East Railway enterprises that includes Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey and Las Tunas provinces, offers some details about the maintenance and refurbish process that improves that railway station´s conditions.

“After some years of work, there were three main halls with a capacity for 120 travelers which are completely reconstructed with a new furniture and fans in spite of the plan is to air-condition them.” He said.

“We have cold water in the platform´s area, toilets, coffee shops and sinks. It is certainly a notable change on the conditions that we offer to the passengers from Camagüey and those ones who come from other parts of the nation on the national trains.” He said.

During his visit to the Central Railway Station, the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and his first Secretary in the province named Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, encouraged the workers to increase the related services’ quality.

“They have to excel in those services due to the travelers are the commitment for you so that there was not some criticism and anyway who were passing there could feel proud of having been at that train station” Gilberto Baró stated.

“This is the dignity of the railway workers and the first one is looking after for this facility and protect it which is a moral commitment that should be also assumed by the travelers, along with an agreement on behavior.” Gilberto Baró stated.
The refurbish program of Central Railway station was part of the repair general and the rescue of the heritage where the construction of the Railway Station and the entertainment from that North from Camagüey city.

On these days, a new Agricultural Market was also delivered to the population of the Popular Council center on the local Francisquito Street that is located across from the Railway Station as a completely refurbished facility and this work will be added to other ones for a social benefit in non-used warehouses areas, including the construction of some flats of apartments in an old demolished building.

In the zone where is located the Central Railway Station, the local Républica, Avellaneda, Finlay, Joaquín de Agüero, Van Horne and Francisquito Streets in the historical center of Camagüey city as part of an area that is featured by the dynamic transit of vehicles and people.

Since the beginning from the XX century, Camagüey is shown as the Rail Station of Cuba and it is built by the Central offices, the central station of travelers and the workshops of the Garrido neighborhood.

From that tradition, it is being improved the project of the Historian office of Camagüey city to rescue the old building with its heritage values, as well as building a Railway Museum and refurbishing the local Van Horme Street for a pedestrian usage. It is located among the Avellaneda and República Streets, along with the incorporation of seats and ornamental plants.

There have been many opinions about this project of the aforementioned office and according to its director:

“Its true importance is not only about the preservation of the railway tradition but also its social and cultural transformation of the community and the improvement of the conditions and image of the region. This is an important challenge when there is a reference about historical cities like ours.”

As part of the works from the first step of the Thematic Railway Museum Park, it is being exhibited the two original and ancient locomotives in that province which were made in the XIX century, along with the information about the railway in Camagüey city.

By Miozotis Fabelo Pinares

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