The very likely Worst Result of Cuba of its Baseball History

2017-06-21 10:12:24 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

 The very likely Worst Result of Cuba of its Baseball History

The main baseball Cuban team has lost eight games in a raw at the Can-Am independent Baseball league that was the worst losing streak since 2013 when they were defeated five times in a baseball series tournament against the United States. It was then a losing streak of six games in a row and it was included the 5-4 defeat of Cuba in the previous game before the U.S. team on July 9th, 2012 at the Latino Americano Stadium in Havana city.

There is a question that arises: Is this the worst result of the Cuban team in its history? The answer is affirmative, but there are some aspects which deserve a deep analysis through the baseball path since 1962.

It is abundantly obvious that once Cuba plays at the Can-Am baseball league, then the statistics are not included in the international championships of the team due to they are not official tournaments such as the Centro American one, Pan American one, Olympic one and the World Classic, Premier 12 or the Caribbean Baseball Series. However, we are going to experience a negative losing streak and we are going to include all what it is possible to detail and analyze the adverse record of these last days.

Let´s begin with the detailed breakdown of the years where the Cuban teams had more games lost to compare with a losing streak of eight games in a row:

The statistics of the highest quantity of lost games began in 1926:

2015: 9
1999: 5
2006: 5
2009: 5

In 2017, we had a 5-6 trend by adding the 3-2 related record at the Caribbean Baseball Series and the 2-4 one at the IV World Baseball Classic; therefore, if we add it to the Can-Am Baseball League, then it would be observed a horrible (8-14) total result.

It also happened the same in 2003 when the United States surprised Cuba with a 5-0 winning streak in Lowa, Nebraska and Carolina where all the final results were really narrowed: 2-1, 3-2, 1-0, 3-2 and 5-3 one; therefore, if we added it to the 4-2 achieved at the III World Baseball Classic, the we would add a 4-7 one which will become the highest fourth negative record since 1959.

Having Cuba a 16-19 result since 2015, the current decade is the only one that shows a trend featured by more defeats than victories:

1960s: 43-8
1970s: 127-6
1980s: 111-12
1990s: 110-6
2000s: 143-20
2010s: 44-30

It is abundantly obvious that the most recent backward step from 2010 is really understandable, taking into account that the winning percentage has been 64.7% that is different to the (87.7%) from the 2000s and the (94.8%) from the 1990s that is regarded as the second one of all times.

According to the related results, it has been the 1970s where Cuba won 95.5 % of its 133 games. The +123 result from the 2000 decade with the 143-20 one is still considered as the period of time when the Cuban national baseball team achieved more games won over the total quantity of games lost.

It is abundantly obvious that we are observing the worse result of Cuba in the history with those terrible eight defeats in a row.

Remember that last year, the Cubans began with a 3-7 result and they achieved to win eight of its last eleventh games to add the 11-10 result through 21 games.

Even though the baseball squad of the local coach Roger Machado could repeat that result. This is somehow the preliminary situation we are watching at present time in which a team with no much power uses its speed and its pitching technique that is far from having a proper control.

By Yirsandy Rodríguez Hernández

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