U.S. Senate Establishes Amendment on Agricultural Trade with Cuba

2018-07-11 10:16:43 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: JC Caballero

U.S. Senate Establishes Amendment on Agricultural Trade with Cuba

One of its authors of that initiative, who is the democrat Senator Heido Heitkamp, celebrated the inclusion of that section in the legislative proposal that obtained 86 votes in favor and 11 against it.

“Cuba is a natural market for the agricultures from North Dakota with their own harvest such as beans, pea and eatable lentils.” the US legislator for that State wrote.

“My amendment, along with the Republican John Boozman to increase the access into the Cuban market on U.S. agricultural products harvested in the United States, was included in the Agricultural law. “ She highlighted on the microblogging service.

In addition, she pointed out through a communique that section will enable the U.S. agricultural department to use its programs for development to create, expanding and keeping a firm Cuban exporting market without additional cost for the U.S. taxpayers.

“That change of the policy of the aforementioned department would allow a necessary relief before the low prices of the related basic products in the United States as it will encourage a new and reliable commercial relation by driving the incomes from the agricultural exportations and increasing its volume.” That statement added.

According to that text, that measure is based on the related efforts carried out by Heido Heitkamp in terms of driving the trade with Cuba since 2015 when he presented, for the first time, a proposal to rise the prohibition which prevent the private banks and companies for the agricultural sales to Cuba.

The amendment was included in the bill which will have to be analyzed by one from the U.S. chamber of Representatives in spite of the attempts carried out by the Republican Senator, Marcos Rubio, about blocking that initiative.

That lawmaker from Florida, who is a regular opponent to any kind of approaching to the Caribbean nation, wrote on Twitter last Wednesday that he was decided to hold back that addition on those changes for the Agricultural law 2018 until it was accepted an amendment made by his colleague, Ted Cruz, or one written by himself.

The one created by Ted Cruz was calling to stop the use of money from the U.S. taxpayers for related promotions in Cuba while the one by Marcos Rubio would implement an executive order that forbids the use of that kind of funds for business which belong to militaries of the island, according to Senator Marcos Rubio.

That position uses a rhetoric used by the U.S. president, Donald Trump, almost a year ago when he announced a political change about Cuba of which Marcos Rubio played a key role by reverting many aspects of that approach started by both nations in late 2014.

Finally, the member of the U.S. high chamber announced that the Senate adopted its willingness about preventing the U.S. taxpayers´ funds were used for the promotion of exportations in the neighboring nation.

According to the political digital page, Heido Heitkamp might have changed part of his amendment into a discreet one for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to implement funds aligned with the position on Cuba by the Donald Trump´s term.

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