What music for what bus

2017-08-25 10:03:45 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

What music for what bus

I must to confess that sometime I let to go the bus that I waited, just because of listening from the sidewalk, even before going in, the volume and the type of music that resounded inside of it.

Of course, not always we can afford this luxury when we need to move ourselves as soon as possible, and in most of the cases we have to make the sacrifice of travelling in one of those rolling discotheques that are also known as urban transportation; it was declared to Haciendo Radio by the journalist Francisco Rodríguez Cruz.

It is true that the situation is not the same one as some years before, when the new busses came with their sound systems and the resounding epidemic used to be even bigger and generalized. However, I suspect that the reason of a minor incidence of this problem is mostly due to the break of the music players or the original loud speakers, than to the existence of a policy or a discipline regarding this topic.

Because when the driver or his assistant have the means, it is really usual that they don’t hesitate about using the bus as if it was from their property, included also this matter of the music they impose to their passengers.

What music for what bus. And some people that travel in the urban transportation don’t stay behind either. The wide possibilities that nowadays are given by the technology for carrying music player devices, from the own mobile phones till the really common portable loud speakers, they make of some routes, in no few times, a test almost intolerable.

What music for what bus

Because there are people who listen to their music with headphones, but sadly, also many times they do it without them. Then, we begin to be victims of the war of volumes and imposition of music from some peoples to the others.

Some days before, a colleague commented in the social nets that she dared to draw the attention to a group of young people, who were making noise with their music player device in a bus, and she received not only the disrespectful answer of the involved ones, but also the conspiratorial silence or the resignation of the rest of the people who were in the bus.

And this is not about that we are against listening to music in the public places, but the secret of not bothering the others is, most of the times, in a simple control: the control of the volume.

As we already have said in another occasion, the best music for the youth, like for those who are not young has to be the good music. And we have to insist in that, for encouraging the taste and the appreciation of the quality in each style, gender and even for authors and singers.
All this have to be made without imposing or vetting, and with the respect to the wide diversity of kinds of music, also to the each human being’s individuality, so that each one of us could learn and incorporate the best from the Cuban musical traditions and also the most novel and admirable things from the international music.

It is clear that in the bus, as a shared mean by many people of all ages and musical preferences, it won’t ever be possible to please everybody, but we have to learn to live with our fellow men and do not using the public transportation as if it were the private space of someone.
It is essential that drivers and passengers think both, when selecting the repertory and when adjusting the volume, about what music and for which bus head their tastes and their loud speakers. The respect to someone else’s ear it is also the peace.

By: Haciendo Radio

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