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Why Twitter is the social network preferred by politicians?

2018-10-17 13:21:47 / / Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Why Twitter is the social network preferred by politicians?

Many are the options that the users of Internet have in these days, when we talk about social networks. But, there are not doubts, Twitter is the favorite of the politicians, or at least it is backed in this way by the presence and the acceptance of all the users of the network.

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, recently included himself to the list of the presidents who operate and manage part of their government trough the social networks.

Why Twitter is the social network preferred by politicians?

But… Why Twitter is the social network preferred by the politicians?

  1. News value. An active and intelligent participation in the social network is the most effective and quick way of being headlines, the press team has to write, make photos, interpret, edit, the President informs what he is doing, where he is doing it and only with that, the news can be done.
  2. Impact. The digital scenario is number one, to impact in the Internet users community, beyond the politicians, it is the social network by excellence for the leaders of opinion, among them journalists, communication media, social and cultural referents, opinion makers, active and influential people. We cannot think that the entire society is there, but the network is backed by multiples personalities with influences in the society.
  3. Brevity. Since it last actualization, Twitter allows the users to write 280 types, it is not a space for speeches or convoluted essays.
  4. Speed. Maybe the most important to highlight of the social network’s things is the minute by minute value that is given to the news, the chronological monitoring and in real time.
  5. Interaction. As all the scenarios of the social networks, it is an important point the image of the active follower and not a simple receptor of information, now they comment, share, and they are created alternative nets and conversational threads where a twit provokes a much longer conversation.

    Why Twitter is the social network preferred by politicians?
  6. Contact. Related to the previous theme, now is much more easy to the users to contact with the leader, it establishes a level of communication where much links are lost.
  7. Synthesis. Maybe the most difficult thing is the synthesis power, summarizing not always is easy, and to transmit the ideas without so many discursive adornments is the law number one of Twitter and probably the best.
  8. Receptivity. The social network has been linked, since its beginnings to the newsworthiness, what happens and where it happens, it is a scenario where the policy is managed with naturalness and the massages, far from being rejected or disregarded, are paid attention by the interests of the own users of the network.
  9. Information. For the politician, as news producer, it is also important to nourish himself of the states of opinion, to follow some accounts which are important, press media, influencers, will help him in his campaign and also in his daily work. A good management of content avoids to us all, the scattered search of information.
  10. Mobility. The latest Twitter’s usability data reveals that more than the 80% of the users at the world level use it since a mobile. That is why, it is important the value it has to manage content since the place of the facts.

By: Alejandro Rojas.

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